Oh the Woe of Standardized Testing.......

 So I guess I’m gonna have to take a weekly vacation from Redstate now in order to study for my school finals. They’re on Wednesday so I guess I better study STUDY STUDY starting NOW. If only my school didn’t have finals…… I mean they’re other ways of holding me accountable. Oh the sorrow of bush’s baby NCLB I mean the Title 1 funds really helped out schools like mine and in a way standardized testing motivates me but, but who in the world wants to do TESTS almost all the time. I mean first we have to deal with quarterlies then a few weeks later finals then after that semester prep tests then now tommorrow next week more prep test and finally finals. Teachers don’t seem to worry about it now I guess they got used to the system I guess… but I have a feeling they despise it.

   You see my teachers have no qualms with higher standards and they certainly love to give us a good test once in a while. But what they really love is satisfying the curiousity of an overachiever,getting to conduct experiments with their classes, or simply having a quick dissucion with their class about the content. Yet in these days some of these simple activities can simply be too hard to do at least for a regular regiment. It’s so sad how simple test could be such a horrid abomination(at times) for the US education system. I mean I have been tested,tested,tested for English yet at the end of the day I don’t see how I learn more with this current system. In fact my spelling’s depressing,I’m cryin when I’m writing and I’m calling for Coffee(though my parents responsibly deny me that for my heart). Because of testing I believe that students like me may be feeling more crammed and many more are losing out on their sleep. I cannot really remember when I have a great night of sleep when its not Friday or the weekend. And I’m still in Junior High…..

In the past I cringe at the fact about the Fed devolving the Department of Education but after learning that it was responsible for all my testing sorrows I realized, in Johnson’s time they funded education but now in Obama’s time they’re controlling it. Public Schools need HELP not NATIONALIZATION. Ehh they’re just pieces of paper though should I really take my friend’s advice on winging it?