Note for CA:Term limits only work if they clean house

 Over the last few weeks I kept thinking about term limits and if they are really effective. I mean I live in a state(Cali of course) where term limits are suppose to be a model for the rest of the nation. Yet if you look at California everything is getting worse schools are failing,businesses and families are moving away for greener pastures and our debt(about 90 billion and counting)  continues to grow.  Before my generation grows up California could end up bankrupt. But that’s all negative thinking hopefully voters here(which I am sadly not one yet:( ) will be smarter for 2012 and elect some fiscal conservatives both for Sacramento and Washington. Then I thought their was an obvious reason our GOVERNMENT’S too big to untransperant and simply to partisan.

Obviously term limits should make California’s legislature more down to earth and less corrupt but in reality Cali’s legislators are becoming either puppets of party or big union. Both groups that can support big irresponsible government. So I have a couple of ideas on how to help bring back integrity and perhaps prosperity for California.

1) There’s a balance budget ammendment but unfortunately our assemblymen and senators refuse to adhere to it properly(apparently its late a LOT). Perhaps the Board of Equalization(or someone  maybe Us with a prop)! can withhold revenues until our Capital can fix their messes(this means them and their staffors wont get  paid :D). Hopefully if conservatives in the houses can keep to their principles we can truly cut spending ,reform taxes (more revenues) most of all shrink government(the cuts are going to hurt me so I say this with great reservations and timid optimism).

2) Since California’s houses are becoming more like puppet stages we should simply cut the strings of their masters, lobbyists. There’s gotta be a way to cut lobbying. Yes I know this could hurt us but if our movement is really grassroots then our people will survive this. Perhaps a lobbying tax, a tax on partisanship and politics(less taxes for us, more for the Political class 🙂

3) Ok this might make a lot of people mad but how about an extension of term limits. I know some of you guys would oppose this and I know Cato wouldn’t love it either but how about letting assemblymen serve for 10 years and let the senate be unlimited because it can be the “Higher House”. This could mean that State Senators would get a pay cut,be restricted form some forms of lobbying interaction and pay higher campaigning fees. Or we could let some good public servant get simple 18 year careers(2 terms in Senate 4 each after assembly limit)  a generation of service is a good engough career length for any poltician esspecially citizen legislators(they have lives too hopefully :))

Term limits are wonderful way to expel dirty lobbying and formulate citizen legislatures. But they cannot be a tool used alone. Civil service reform,oversight on officials and mega majorites for some major ammendments(like 3/5 for tax hikes) are other ideas that can help enhance civic participation,reduce government and most importantly letting us live free. California can change for the better :). Look at Maine everyone so goes Maine, goes the nations :). Thank you for reading this 🙂