Growing Up Right:My story and take on the Political Climate

So here am I graduating middle school(I’m a HS freshman in JR high) and I am so confused. Confused about life and still confused about politics even as I utilize my free time looking up politicians’ biographies,political websites and studying the issues through think tank sites. As I move closer and closer to the real world though I become more excited ready to face its challenges. Yet I feel like I must hide my politics when I go to my new high school from my teachers and peers(where I’m from people hate it and find it divisive) but for me I live for the debate to learn about other opinions. Frankly its one of the few things I can talk about. And I’ve been thinking should I start activism…….

So I am 15 and I already came up with my ideology and I even decided to go join FreedowmWorks(though I neeed to start up my freedomconnector). My ideology takes on philosophy of both the Cato Institute and the Hertiage Foundation both are such great organizations for me that I dream of joining(you should try looking them up :)). Also I finally realized that being a Ron Paulism might not strike me well esspecially with his baggage so I will look towards his son and my ideas seem to reconcile more with Sean Hannity. Actually I read Hannity’s book Conservative Victory and it really helped me figure out where I stand on the issues. Probably two of my favorite senators(Conservative ones of course) are Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio(for the mean time) and my favorite reps are Paul Ryan and Richard Hanna(they seem moderate but their conservatism works for me and yes for the mean time). Actually I liked  Sen. Brownback but he’s  governor perhaps he can be the candidate for us in 2020(note I do have my favorite democrat ones but mentioning them here is irevelent just being honest and frank here). Also back to positions I realized that one of the requirements for one being conservative is to absolutely to be PRO LIFE I mean Reagan was pro choice at one time but he regreted it though I can not understand the prevailing opinion on gay rights its scary for me because what if someone close to me is how could I explain to them my past support for Prop 8 even though I support gay adoption(kids need someone) Yet like I said Im young so I will learn.

I bet if your reading this your probably wanna catch some commentary so I think I will give some now. Fox’s debate was fantastic and although I know it may be too late to comment I think I can lean to Pawlenty now. Cain’s cool though but I only watched some so my glimspe of his speech was quick. I also learned that every candidate needed to win South Carolina intresting fact :). In addition I hear Rep.Ryan might be  running for the senate good luck to him and I have a feeling Huck would prefer to sit this one out but if he didn’t then he will have an easier time due to name recognition. Newt has good ideas but Im worried he’s not picking up luster and might end up as Dole(great public servant but bad campaign). And that’s a wrong umm… I really wish Redstate had a chat feature but alas it doesn’t do anyone of you guys where other places where I can take part in great discussions about conservative ideals. If you want connect with me presonally then that’s more welcome but I am a kid. Hope you liked the commentary and post next time I will try to see if my diaries can be more up to date and more in touch :). If only I can get ahold of this blogging concept 😛


P.S you guys know fo any really good sites and books I could read 🙂 info welcome 🙂 thanks for reading this