A Question about the U.N. (An Organization with Good Intentions or really a conspiracy)

Do any of you redstaters believe the UN will reform itself? Do you believe the US government should involve itself in UN activities and fund UN projects? Do you believe the UN is really a forum where the US should use to navigate foreign policy? Do you find them(the UN) sincere in their intentions to work for a better world? What is your general opinion of them and their sister organizations(UNICEF and UNESCO). Do you fine them a point of concern for the intrest of the US? If so why? And if your someone who believe in their goals but reject the organization itself what alternatives are there you know of to pursue such common goals(end of poverty,sustainble developement  and spread of liberty).

In my heart I believe there are good people there who are want to help the world. Yet at the same time I know or at least feel there is a anti AMERICAN faction within the UN whether it is simply envy from our prosperity or backlash of our US policy we may really never know for sure. Feel free to provide insight and answer some of my questions. If not then you are welcome not ot spout out your feelings but your highly welcomed to.