Not so Pumped for Trump

It’s not that he doesn’t seem to be an ill person or his policy(in fact an export tax on China unless they establish human rights would attract me)…… its just he’s a celebrity and  don’t they have….. BAGGAGE and bunches and bunches of it. In addition it is also common knowledge that he backed a bunch of democrats and liberals in the past which doesn’t give off a very principled impression. If he went indy then that would be great but…. yeah in the primary that might as well be the elephant in the room. Besides Im worried this will be a repeat of the Whitman fiasco. Since Trump has so much assets and influence I dont see why he cant promote his ideals like the Koch brothers. For some reason because of their(kochs) devotion to liberty I have become an admirer of their ideas. Perhaps Trump could get more love with that helping Cato,helping principled candidates and then one day maybe running himself.