America's Destiney (and a teen's struggle with politics)

Yes despite all the clammer about American decline I still think and believe that america will edge out in the end. Yes the odds are against us were in debt to China,we have three wars,our debt is at least double our GDP and of course “2012” is coming. Yet I do think we will be getting a tsuami in 2012 not the one in 2004(may God rest and bless those perished in that tradegy and may they serve as a teaching moment I apologize for any offence) but like the one in 2010. Yes we faltered a little but I really think Rove and O donnell learned from their mishaps and learned to get along in order to do what is hopefully right for our home. But I really have a feeling that 2012 is going to be different than what many expect it to be.

Because of all the movie clamor(yes it looks like it died down but just wait) everyones gonna panic and no one will care about anything but the “end” from Olympics to Politics people will just be thinking up a way to go to China or buy some “ticket” ot a plane or what not. This will provide an opportunity for a dark horse(in my hope for some unknown reason Ron Paul) to step up and defeat Obama. If Obama is trounced and Paul is elected I expect he will anger a lot of people very some esspecially the Establishment Republicans that thought he wouldve been a token vote. He’ll even have to anger his loyal base which every elected official will some day have to do. But he’ll also add reason to Washington. Before we know it our debt will be plummneting our GDP will be growing and to the suprise of liberals small government wont result in less services if not more effective services. We’ll finally get rid of the ED and kids like me will be free from the chains of standardized testing. Finally Cato will have someone who will really listen to them and Lady Liberty’s torch will continue to be lit for generations.  But after 8 years somehow Obama will come back and with our problems solved it feellike nothing happened at all. Now before we get the debate(or hate) on let me describe my struggle perhaps all you conservative problem solvers can provide a penny for my thoughts.

Obama inadvertently inspired to be intrested in politics. I actually agreed with our Pres at first(except with life issues I could never reconcile that) and I unfortunately prayed for his victory. I was young(I still am) and to be honest I dont regret that decision because after his election me and probably a lot of other americans realized something “We’re conservative” not after the stimulus, but probably after health care.  Many of us have been simply “hypnotized” that repubs are stupid and bigoted while demos are “indy” and “fight for us” that may be true but that statement goes both ways. Now before that revelation I had another.

“I wanna be a politician” ok maybe it was pres but then it simply became that. I know its dirty and I know im probably a whole lot more productive in the private sector. I know my teachers would prefer to see me find the cure to cancer than cut/increase funding to the National Cancer Institute. Yet lately its becoming an obession. I feel like its a calling yet it sounds like such a sacrifice. I wanna have a family,I wanna live in my hometown, I wanna travel the world and take my own vacations yet I want to reform education,help establish rule of law and protect our liberties. I wanna work in some group or write a column in some blog or newspaper. And when I want to reveal this passion I feel like itll slip through my fingers after that. I realized Ill probably be content with my future occupation yet I feel like I want to risk it all. Yet at the same time I feel like despite the horrors politics seems to harbor it seems like a closed door to open. I may finally get  lots of close friends I could trust, I could get approval and not social rejected I would get acceptance and most of all I know I would be helpful.

I dont really know my plans for now though. Setting my hopes now would be like setting myself for disappointment “Life never goes as ypu plan it” Glen Beck. Im considering becoming a doctor though like the Pauls its almost a perfect choice for me. I will be a millionare before I know it I will surely be on scholarly pursuits and I will get to help many people. At the same time though theres a chance I could go to Clinton or Bush’s alma mater(not Hoover gosh I wonder how such a great university made a pres that messed up a lot) become a civil rights/constitutional attorney and follow the steps of Clarence Thomas or Mike Lee I would give up my pursuit of wealth but who really needs stocks and bonds when you have a family(which I intend to attain) and knowledge and service and perhaps most of all FAITH.

Theres one thing for CERTAIN though America is the only place where I can have this difficulty of choice. I want to cry because the sky is the limit for me and at the end of the day freedom and liberty will prevail as intended. The roads for me are limitless and whatever happens america will survive and I intend to.