2012 Redistricred CA a deathblow or opportunity for Califonia's GOP

(sorry if grammar’s a fail it came from the heart/mind Im really into this type of stuff thats why)

Still reeling in from bittersweet 2010 elections. While the rest of America is slowly trailing back to our constitutional principles Califoria stubbornly sits in a Deep Blue Ocean of Liberalism waiting to drown or waiting pull a miricle. But then when you look at the bigger picture would Cali’s Budget really be solved with Whitman and would it do justice to California if Carly  sat in that seat. I simply have to state that both of them represanted the evils that liberalism tried to combat. They may be nice people but they didn’t do nice things and that was the dealbreaker for California. Now looking to the future.

Let’s be blunt Feinstein will WIN in 2012 unless(unless Ronald Reagan or Abe Lincoln rose from the dead and ran ) so instead my soon to be party should focus on the State assembly and congressional races esspecially with the redistricting process. This is a GOLDEN opportunity for us(ca and perhaps the nation) to accelerate back to our Reaganist principles. All our GOP needs to do is broaden our base and reach out and we can still do it our sacrificing our principles. Here’s three simple steps.

1.) Recruit

Find a good conservative or libertarian. A good person a reasonable person. It could be a small businessman, a stay a home mom or the local pastor there’s nothing wrong with the flashy millionaire or the former actress just BEWARE of baggage that really killed us in my opinon. We couldve gained one or two congressional seats if Whitman/Fiorina baggage hadnt spilled. We just need someone who connects with their constituents unlike many of our DC politicos and can rally crowds while being a good fundrasing. (Hint if one can be a good fundrasing or a frugal budgeteer guess the wonders they can do the Sacremento or DC)

2 Outreach

My parents wouldve gladdy voted Republican(my mom a possible religious conservative and a dad “just another republican” both immigrants that are stereotyed in the media as “democrat” Obama won those votes not the DNC) if some passionate volunteers knocked on our doors and helped them register. That’s all one really needs to do knock on a couple of doors or hand out some flyers.

3 Making the tent bigger(similar to 2)

You dont even have to change your principles all you have to do is speak out at a liberal townhall or debate your leftist friends. Once we get the ideals of our founding fathers out people will simply have to agree with them if not then at least we tried. Learning from what I read earlier today “one simply cannot win if they only speak to a base that makes up 31% of voters”

A redistricted California will be a different california whether or not California’s Republican Party will change is the question. Before I conclude I must say this though wthout Liberalism I wouldn’t be benefitting from civil rights or from Great Society I may have even been born here but then I also must say from the evils of Liberalism and Progressivism a new idea conservatism was born and with conservatism Americans thought back to the days of our Founding Fathers. As I end now I must say its the people of California that are in their “time of choosing” not the GOP. Two choices one choice trusting our establishment to salvage itself and rid the panaceas it created or to take a risk and travel a path ignited by the principles of Freedom,Free Markets and Personal Responsibity all of which really symbolize Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. As a child I hope to see that choice one day inthe poll both yet I wonder when will California wake up?