Redstate's cool yet scary anyone care to guide me

I’ve been very busy lately with school and such but was able to find the time to log in today. I heard some news about Lugar being a rino and descided to check it out myslef boy WAS I suprised there were so many post AGAINST him and though many with civil and justified they did sound scary esspecially to a softie like me. Though I became confused now though isn’t he rated 77% by CPAC or something and sometimes I wonder if this push back is because Obama likes him and it does scare me how spirited some of the bloggers are.

It makes me wonder though if they meant a conservative from California like me would they even consider me one. Would they consider Ike Esienhower one I mean I read that democrats tried to daft him but I could be wrong. The thing is I understand the hate against rinos many are the epitome of the career politician and Wahington’s problem but the thing is many happen to be pretty nice people instead of the sleazbags they’re expected to be. And if they are sleazbags how could one see through PR people always immortalizzing them so for one to be a rino one needs to examine their ideology this frightens me because what if one thinks im a rino and doesnt want to discuss politics with me

Could anyone tell me what a rino is to them and maybe help guide me around Redstate and explain their views about conservatism just asking and HAVE A GOOD DAY 🙂 Sorry if I bothered you guys