Cuts are Coming but could we afford to cut some programs

So today I decided to go watch C-SPAN today and it actually wasn’t boring as usual for me as a hyper active teenager who despite having an obession in politics finds th House to be bland on TV. It was only for a few minutes though but it really jumbled my head. Maybe the More Mature Redstaters and help me process what happened and give me their insight.

SO I am watching a debate on some Continuing Resolution and they talk about education cuts. Congresswoman Rosa DeLAuro stats how the Federal Government has an obligation to fund Special Education 40% but instead the gov only grants 17% or something. Then she goes how programs for schools,teach quality and Title 1 are going to be cut and how its harmful to children,schools and such. Then Congressman John Kline states that the change in funding will actually help Special Education but it is rebuttled with one of the Democratic congressmen stating how it grants money to Special Education through stealing(shifting) education funds for Disadvantaged students. One of the responses state that not only will school districts be forced to lay off teachers they may have to rasie Property Taxes.

Then we move to a debate about Title 10 Family Planing funding which supposingly helps with STD testing,contreception provision,(sex education?) and pap test for Cervical/Breast cancer. Title 10 seems to be a small program but according to the Congresswoman promoting it, it apparently provided for a million  pap tests and other monumental achievements. According to the Congresswoman it lessens abortions through prevention and cares for other health care initiatives(relating to Breast Cancer for example) and that scraping the program would increase taxpayer burdens through burdening medicaid.

The final part I watched was about education again where I see Ms.DeLauro mention tht some education programs are earmarks. But to me I thought earmarks were local congressional projects many of these programs were national projects with national goals.

After watching I marveled at the complexity of Congress or is it simply the simple mind I have that makes thing hard to understand. Programs do need to be cut and every  program is in the chopping block but there’s one thing to hope from these cut. Compassion. With cuts there’s compassion and charity and isn’t that what America is about. Charity wouldn’t occur if our government was there to solve every social ill. Yes government has a job to create a safety need by where does Social Welfare end and Social Responsibility begin. Yes the feds should help promote a strong public education but where is the fine line between help and regulation. Government’s so confusing no wonder people want limited governemnt people’s minds are only so limited to understand a mass myriad of regualtions,bureaucracy and laws. That’s why the Founding Fathers created an eloquent piece less than 10,000 words that’s now our constitution which evolves over time never really changing its true intention. Although I know families like mine will be hard hit from these cuts,that kids like me will have a lesser education this is only a temporary situation. Its time we all face the music. If this means a pathway to renewed opportunity,prosperity,liberty and a better world so be it.

(whats your insight)