Foreign Policy:An ever changing issue

After watching the crisis in Egypt it got me thinking. Foreign policy is sure is heck of an issue. Sure one can win votes with rhetoric like “Peace”usually  used by liberals and internationists or use statements like “spreading democracy” if they want to follow a neoconservative point of view. Then you can view to the other extreme  and you’ll hear “get US out of UN” and such. But at the end of the day your faced with limited options(like when Obama found out he couldn’t just close Guatanomo Bay). Foreign policy forces saints to become sinners and willl often result in the death of an individual who had no control over the issue.

Out of all the issues Diplomacy and Defense may simply be the hardest eggs to crack. Sure you may have some common sense solutions like foreign aid or nonproliferation but politics always has to make everything hard. For example the main objective of our foreign policy is to protect and PROMOTE US intrest. Yet over history everything we tried to do usually ended up biting us back in the butt. For example we supported the taliban against Communist intrest not so long ago but that ended costing us a war and a trillion dollars. Then we have us supporting Capitalist intrest during the cold war and despite how noble it may be to protect the market and freedoms from it it ended up making america look like a Greedy “Imperialist ” empire when we were simply doing the opposite. AND then you have one of the most sucessful foreign policy NAFTA. Sure all three economies involved grew by 30% or more over the years yet apparently some attribute it as the root of our country’s illegal immigration problem causing american hispanics to feel more discriminated,massive people smuggling operations and the deaths of hard working american citizens by the hands of those people smuglers (who may also by involved in the drug wars).

Why not take a non interventionist  the Republican party’s historic stance before neo conservatism happened. Sounds simple right dont poke too much on world affairs and well be safe. Heck our critics may be right about us being “imperialistic” since we spend so much on failed foreign aid policies we may be holding up a global status quo with our expenditures on foreign aid. But non interventionist may be code name for isolationism which seemingly corresponds with High tariffs and a SECURE america and I mean secure not safe secure but prison secure. Before we know it isolationist policies will impact our trade relations with other countires,cause export to decline and accelerate the decline america seems to be head towards.

Foreign policy is an ever changing issue and its one of the most difficult issues(if nost most laborous) that the president ever faces. Some presidents stumbled(Lyndon B Johnson and jImmy Carter,George W Bush and perhaps most recently Barrack Obama(apparently being an apologist works globally but not domesticly ) while others skillfully managed the issue(Ike Eisenhower,George H. W Bush, and Ronald Reagan). Yet we know not every US president will have the military expertise of Ike or the negotiaitng abilities and charisma of Reagan yet there’s one thing to be sure for Foreign Policy is a wild card. But here’s a hint dont be too ideological. Yes  we should stand by our principles but like Reagan before us we should be practical and do what we can. Personally I would like to see a pacifistic policy pursured where the USA can be a beacon of true social justice and diplomacy where the world can truly see who Americans are. But I realized that such a policy would weaken the US armed forces,leave us vulnerable and weaken our global standing over the long run. Instead our must follow a balance that accomodates the changing global sphere and provides us the sercurity we need. Finally I end my entry with this one huge requirement that in order for America to succeed internationally it must be the same strong house lincoln described oh so many years ago.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my terrible grammar.