Remebering Martin Luther King:Commentary on his impact on American Society and Culture

As we move forward into a new year we come upon the anniversay of Dr.King’s birthday and we remember his legacy on American society and culture. His life was dedicated to improving the lives of the downtrodden and impovished and restoring freedom to millions of Americans whoses freedoms,libertites and lives were infringed upon by Jim Crow law and those who are afraid of this revolutinary change. Soon engough after his tragic passing his family and a new generation of americans would be able see him dream come into fruition Black children holding the hands of White children enrolling in the same schools,playing in the same parks soon even becoming co-workers. He would have been touch not only to see the first African american become President but to learn that he was a union of a white woman and a black man both of whom grew up in the same classroom. He would have been flabergasted to see not one but two prominent African American women in the media owing their own shows(channel for one) and intensely influencing American society and culture while holding millions of dollars in assets. And finally he would hasve been intrigued on seeing the effect that the blues had on American music. But most of all he would simply be happy seeing a society where the sky’s the limit for every child in America.

Although we Americans have made great strides we still have so much work to get done. I do not want to politicize this diary but I feel like I must. Why do our jails overrepresent African americans and Hispanics. Why do two-thirds of Hispanics feel discriminated at one point of this year according to Pew. Why is it that the real support networks in some destitute coummnities are GANGS. Why does America still the strongest country in a recession foster a cycle of Poverty.  Why do so many foster children only have three viable options poverty,homelessness or jail.Why are millions of americans all over the country depressed,hopeless and even ignorant in some instances. Martin Luther King would not want to see this America. We can do so much right now. Volunteer at a homeless shelter,adopt a classroom mentor a child the options are endless.

Dr.King may also be shocked that it takes a permit to feed the homeless or that a poor family gets less welfare benefits because the mom and dad are married. America must change again we must help free those trapped in the cycle of poverty,intolerance and ignorance. Let us unite together like those veterans of the Civil Rights Movement and as people we can end government. Not government but people can end poverty.

As we go on with our day let us remeber and think of Martin Luther King and people like him. Think of their dreams and aspirations and lets make ourselves better. Good day to all of you and God bless and Happy Birthday to you Dr.King