Could anyone explain why Ron Paul....

is an extremely contraversial figure even within the conservative movement. Doesn’t he manifest the spirit of Libertarinism which is the heart of conservatism. I know he is extreme but doesn’t the House of Representatives need people like him to help keep government in check. I mean he is the Taxpayer’s Best Friend and austrian economics can’t be all to extreme. Besides he’s a physician he may have some knowledageable insight on health care which is needed especially now.(also hes kinda an inspiration because he shows that any doctor can be a congressperson  which I aspire 🙂

Is foreign policy an isssue because I think he just may have the right idea. Im not for all isolationism but he did point out that we shouldn’t poke our noses in other countries we know little of unless they presant an EXTREME harm. I may only be a 9th grader but I do know that most if not ALL of the wars we won started because we were directly attacked or threatend and most if not all the wars we lost were started becasue of a concern or our intervention(if Im wrong its ok to correct me 🙂

Ron Paul seems like a good fellow and he probably has a lot of experience so perhaps we should utilize him more and why doesnt he appear in the media a lot? What I really want to know is why some republicans want to push him out of the party is he really that fringe or what?