What is up with Cpac?

I wonder why so many groups are boycotting the Conservative Political Action Conference? First its the American Principles Project,Americans for the truth of homosexuality and the National Organization of Marriage all newer and/or smaller groups. Then more mainstream and established groups such as the Liberty Counsel,Family Research Council and Concerned Women of America decide to not attend. Before I know it groups that aren’t even that socially conservative such as Media Research Center and the Heritage Foundation(a group that I very much admire philosophicaly) decide they can’t come ethier. I wonder why?

Hear me out but I do adore many of the principles of these groups yet I dont think theyre doing themselves such a big favor boycotting or not coming for some “reason”. If its only because of GOproud that’s kinda sad. First of all its one little group and although they are more libertarian than many of us would prefer they’re still part of the conservative movement. Gay rights is only one issue. On the more positive note this little spat highlights the ideological diversity of the Conservative movement. You have so many groups Paleoconservatives,Neoconservatives,Social Conservatives,Green conservatives,Compassionate conservatives,Libertarians,defense hawks and dont you forget your Fiscal COnservatives. Doesnt this remind you of The View when Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked out though in their defense what Bill O’Reilly stated right before was provocative. Great thing Barbara Walters was there to straighten everything out. Wonder who’ll be the Barbara Walters for CPAC v SoCOns