Have the Southern Democrats Come Back?

On Race, or country has come a long way, but some are acting as the Dixie Democrats are still in power. There is racism in this country, and it comes from all races, not just one.

I often wonder how people come to the collusion the girl in the above video has.  In what society does she live in?  Who is teaching her “male black bodies are an immediate threat to her and society has a whole?”  Wonderful, by the grace of God, education, and wonderful parenting, she overcame what she was taught to learn the truth.  What truth is the real question here?

What she calls societal norms really means institutional racism.  The same institution that just elected its first black president now is out teaching people to fear blacks, to see them as sub-human, and to hate blacks: that is if you are to believe the girl in this video.

I say this girl has it all wrong; she is identifying the wrong institution that is to blame.

Race is not the reason people tend to profile when they see people of another skin color.  Other things do cause people to profile.  Do you suspect that a person who looks at a young black man walking down the street wearing baggie pants, a Bulls jersey, and tattoos may cause someone to profile him? (For the record, I wear all these things, and I am often profiled)  Now say that same young man walks down the street. This time instead of wearing the items, I stated above, he has on a Full Business Suit, and in his hand is a briefcase.  I suspect that this same man would not be profiled.

Now to be fair, I am not saying that racism does not exist, because it does, and in all races. However, is there something to be said of the situation I just brought up?  Is it surprising after listening to some of the hip hop music there is out there (bitch this, hoe that), that some woman may look at a black man dressed up as what some would call (gangster) and start to get worried.

Trayvon was not dressed as a gangster, not in the sense of bandanas and a certain color.  His hoody does not make him guilty of any crime.  Nor does Zimmerman ever say in his 911 call that Trayvon skin color is the reason he thought he was doing something.  In fact, he did not bring up race until prompted.  What he did say was that he was watching a “man walking around and looking about.”

Zimmerman was then asked “and this guy is he white, black, or Hispanic?” by the dispatcher, at which point he offered up what he thought the race of the person was, saying, “He looks black.”  The dispatcher went on to ask again what he was wearing, at which point Zimmerman then offered up that Trayvon was wearing a hoodie.  The dispatcher then asks him “ok, he was just walking around the area” to which Zimmerman, responded “looking at all the houses.”

It was not until Zimmerman had told the dispatcher “not he’s coming towards me”, the dispatcher said “OK” and then Zimmerman said, “He’s got his hand in his waistband.  And he’s a black male.”

You can read the full transcript here.

So was it the hoodie, the color of his skin, or the actions of Trayvon that night that caused Zimmerman to think there might be something wrong with the situation?  No one but Zimmerman knows for sure, and that is the point.

What the girl above is saying is not supported by what is known so far in this case.  I am not aware of any institutions that teach middle class white people to fear black men.  However, I certainly can understand why a person may look at me and have to wonder if having me in their house is safe.  When I have am wearing formal dress, I certainly get less crooked looks from people.  The police likely do not look at me and think he may be a criminal.

Here are some truths; I am the same person wearing a suit as I am with my Authentic Chicago Bulls Rose jersey.  The same goes for all people, cloths do not make the criminal.  However, it is safe to say human instinct is to look for markings of danger.  In most situations, it is not acceptable to act on this.

Nevertheless, there are reasons people do look at people that look a certain way, and act according to what their preconceptions may be.

This does not mean a person in a suit will not rob you (in fact they steal a lot more in value), and this does not mean that a person in a hoodie is up to no good.  Zimmerman called the police, which is his right as a citizen.  He does not have a right to engage Trayvon and hold him until the police get there, but he does have a right to make sure that no crime was about to take place.  If Zimmerman Engaged Trayvon physically and a scuffle took place, then it is Zimmerman who is to blame.  If Trayvon came back after Zimmerman had lost sight of him and proceeded to attack him, then Zimmerman is not guilty.

The worst thing about this is that a 17 young man is dead.  For all the posturing that is happening, this seems to be second in many people’s minds.  Wouldn’t anyone really like to know what happened, and what could be done to stop it from happening again?  We cannot know that unless we first know the truth.

Nevertheless, that has not stopped some people from assuming they know what happened, which will make an honest assessment when the facts are known impossible to attain.  That may be in the end the second biggest tragedy of this whole situation.

To answer the question raised above, no the Southern Democrats are not ready to pass new Jim Crow laws.  There is racism, but the country has also come a long way. There are people will will use race to further their political agenda, which is a shame, because it does nothing to further the country towards the Dream MLK had.