Romney needs to keep Focus on the Economic Growth

The presidential election as begun, and so has the need for us to start talking about the issues that will soon become part of the campaign.The Bush Institute is convening a conference on tax policy and economic growth called “Tax Policies for 4% Growth: Evidence from the States, American History, Markets and Nations.” This is an important conference, and worth paying attention too.

At 4% growth, the nation would see the unemployment rate drop, debt reduced, which can bring opportunity and prosperity for more Americans.Our country is not seeing the recovery that Obama and the Democrats are trying to say it has. Who can really blame them for trying, they cannot run on the actual numbers, so they are going to use deceptive statistics to try to make themselves look better that their records would indicate.

In the above video, you hear how the United States is number one at many things such as the largest economy, the most gold medals, the most educated adults, but we also have the most crime, the largest percentage of our population being obese, and the highest corporate tax rate.

Our corporate tax rate is at 35%, 40% if you add state taxes, which is what the businesses around this country do, they have to pay the tax after all. Ireland pays 12.5% and Poland has a 19% flat tax.While the world average corporate tax rate of other industrialized nations are around 25%, even Canada, Britain, and Japan cut their corporate taxes this year.

While Obama is running on raising taxes on millionaires, other countries are looking to capitalize on our tax systems failure to promote a business friendly environment.Our economy has made small improvements this year, but this is not happening because of President Obama’s policies, it is happening despite of him.

If Mitt Romney can make this argument with steady equanimity, he will have a decent shot at beating President Obama. Over the last few weeks, the president has made some strategic mistakes: attacking the court being the most damning of those mistakes.This week the Supreme Courts numbers have gone up for the first time in a while after the president challenged the courts right to strike down a law passed by congress.

He distorted the facts when he said that the bill was passed by an overwhelming majority in congress, even though it barely was passed. 1 out of 4 people polled say they want the court to uphold Obamacare. He did this all before anyone knows for sure what the Supreme Court will do when they hand down their decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Before that, he let it slip that what he is saying before the election may not be what he plans to do after the election when he told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” after the election.He really should have known that he was wearing a hot microphone, but then again maybe he just did not care.The arrogance of this president never seems to amaze people anymore. He would be smart to leave the Greek columns home this time around.

Romney has made his fair share of gaffes this cycle, but most of these are things that point to something that was already well known about him, he is rich, and he changes positions.Despite these mistakes, he is still running relatively close to Obama in the polls and this after a long damaging primary that is still not officially over.Obama has opened up the opportunity for Romney to get back into this game by coming out with hardball politics before the first debate.

Both candidates would be better served to focus on themselves for a while before they take on each other. Other than the occasional quip here and there, it would be wise to attempt to keep this civil as long as they can.Romney needs it after the nomination fight, because his negatives are very high right now, but President Obama will likely heal much of that as soon as the conservative base realizes this race is going to be Obama/Romney.

It is probably more likely that the Super PAC’s will do all the invidious attack ads.While the campaigns talk about the issues that poll high, with the economy being the top issue. Depending on how Romney handles the media, we may see him fighting them instead of Obama.This is going to be very important, because everyone knows that the days of Romney getting an easy pass by the media are over, just ask John McCain how the quick the media turns on you once your the nominee.

It is the economy stupid.The candidate that can make the most compelling argument on how to fix that will be in the driver’s seat come October: and this is where things are going to be tough on the president.