Bill Maher’s Obnoxious Blog Post Identifies Huffington Post as an Unserious “Internet Newspaper/Blog”

Huffington Post should have Found Bill Maher’s blog post unconscionable, not post it on a site that is supposed to pride itself on being [Sic] the  “model for journalism moving forward.”  It is already well know that the site is an immoderate force for lefty politics, they have a clear bias.  That was never a problem.  If they want to post utterly false content, while aggregating the talent of others, that is fine too.   We do not have to agree with it, but what Arianna Huffington built is impressive, if only for the sure nature and huge financial rewards reaped.

What is not impressive is allowing a Hangdog comedian to use her site to forward his contemptible agenda. Sure, the agenda included advancing a left wing ideology.  As flawed as that is, alone it is it the realm of the  “to each his own.”  It is easy enough to dispel the falsehoods in this thinking, but Bill Maher did not stop at this goal.

As irritable as ever, Mr. Maher insulted, Bush, Romney, Santorum, Newt, the entire electorate, Religious people, Satan, the Bible, Jesus, and I guess for good measure he had to offend the mentally challenged.  He got a dig in at Ron Paul over foreign aid, but largely praised him as more sensible than the others.

As if he was completely unaware, that John King was moderating this debate.

Maher wrote a fake conversation between Mitt Romney and what I suspect is the crowed at the last GOP debate, in which Romney says “How dare you accuse me of helping people or being compassionate! Why, I’ll have you know I’m every bit as much of a cold hearted [bleeped] as any of these other pricks up here with me!”  The Bleeped word translates as a child without married parents.”

Is this really what Arianna Huffington believes is the model for journalism moving forward?

Maher has absolutely no respect that other people have beliefs, and it makes him a bigot to say things like this when describing the conversation about Satan.

So on a liberal site; we have Bill Maher using the R-Word.  Is that any less offensive than the N-Word, or the C-Word.   Arianna Huffington’s site is stooping very low here.  If she did not ok this, then she should start firing people now.  If this had happened at Red State, Pajama Media, Drudge, or any of the right leaning sites, Huffington post would have lead the way, pointing to those racist, state rights loving conservatives, claiming there had been a slip of the mouth that revealed conservative orthodoxy.

Even without all the vile language Maher’s argument was flawed.

While explaining that this country should pass a constitutional Amendment mandating that a presidential candidate should have at least served in the military if they want to be president.  That would be fine, but Mr. Maher did not say that in 2008 , when Barak Obama (who did not serve) was running against a war hero.  He failed to mention Bill Clinton is the one who dodged the draft.  Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush both served in the military.Therefore, under Maher’s standard, Rick Perry should have been commander in Chief over Obama because the Texan has served the country. 

Maher did call Romney a shape shifter, and that is the only reasonable thing said in the entire post.  Coming from him, it is still vexing.

This was the second time he plugged some lame show he is doing (I am not going to plug it again).  Once again did Arianna’s team even bother to think about how the phrase “so, [Bleep] it” reflects on her precious “model for journalism.” 

It is not hard to understand why Huffington would want you to think that Republicans are being extreme when they complain that the media did not cover Obama’s vote to make infanticide legal, but never did they run around the debate stage and claim the president was actively clubbing baby seals. 

Maher’s contemptuous views towards conservativism is widely known.  It is what it is, if people want to waste a moment of their precious time watching him, then suffer through the sophistic comedy hour.  I am not even sure it is an hour, never bothered to watch the man.

Arianna Huffington once said that her site is “inundated with requests from people who want to use our platform.”  What is sad is that so many people are willing to associate with a site that would allow the bigoted rants of Bill Maher.  It is no wonder that those who joined OWS seem to have a predilection for violence.  Look who is championing their cause.