Romney, the Main Stream Medias Perfect Plan to Reelect Obama

Something dawned on me the other day when I decided to write yet another assessment of the race for the GOP nomination.  The media elites have been wrong just about every time they have attempted to predict what is going to happen.  Mitt Romney was deemed the front-runner and the nominee before he even officially announced his current bid for the White House.  Even though Romney is likely to be the nominee, it is hard to think of him as the front-runner.

The dynamism of the governor’s team and the size of the money advantage were supposed to surpass everyone else, and eventually he was supposed to become the inevitable nominee.

We are less than a month away from Super Tuesday and not only is Romney not leading in the polls like any solid front-runner should be at this point, but he is fighting not to lose the one state that only months ago no one would have guessed he could lose .  If Romney loses the state of Michigan, where he grew up and met his wife in, the media may have to disestablish his front-runner status, and this time for good.

There is already talk about a “brokered” or “contested”convention; and as we witnessed at the start of the election cycle, names like Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels and Paul Ryan percolate through the various political sites as possible saviors. The likelihood of a brokered or contested convention is still low, but it does appear like the establishment media is now realizing what people likeErik Erickson have known all along, Romney will lose the general election to President Obama.

Romney went into this campaign with the premise that Republican activists should get behind him because he would be the strongest candidate against Obama.  The media acknowledged this argument, but outside the moderate wing of the Republican Party, no one else seemed to think it was true, or they did not care.

Romney is not known as a candidate with a solid core, and this handicapped him with conservative activist.  Nevertheless, with superior assets, higher name recognition, and a weak field on opponents this should have been duck soup for an experienced national candidate.

Romney has watched candidate after candidate rise above him with limited to almost no resources, and his team’s reaction has been predictable; destroy anybody that gets in the way.  This scorched-earth campaign policy has driven down Romney’s general-election poll numbers and his uneasiness within his own skin on the debate stage and on the campaign-trail has exposed his vulnerabilities as a general election candidate.

The GOP may be on the precipice of disaster if it ends up with Romney as a nominee, and it is questionable if Gingrich can stage yet another comeback. The only options left are to nominate Santorum, Paul, or  work some magic at the convention where the outcome is beyond anyone’s true ability to predict.

It is starting to look like the only option that makes sense is to nominate Santorum, but until it is revealed that he can first survive the attempted extirpation by team Romney, no one knows for sure if that is even workable.  Santorum did just receive a healthy dose of money form a wealthy backer. 

After Florida, both Gingrich and Romney no longer looked appealing as general election candidates. There is no reason to believe that in his quest for the presidency that Romney will not do the same thing to Santorum.  If the GOP nominee fails to win against President Obama this November, the roots of that loss were likely planted during the primaries. 

In 2008, the MSM tried everything to secure the Presidency for then Senator Obama, and every conservative knew that they would attempt to do the same in 2012; but who knew that they would be able to do it before the general election even started.  If their plans are to be thwarted, something needs to happen, and soon.