Jen Rubin: The Romney Shill Finally admits the Truth about Romney: he is an unserious candidate

Jen Rubin has spent this while election cycle slamming any candidate who gave Mitt Romney any kind of a hard time; using her Right Turn Blog at Washington Post. Conservatives around the country have wondered why she was ever given an outlet such as the Washington Post as their in house conservative blogger (to me she seems more like the in house Romney shill). I will be honest, I would take a job like hers (even at the Washington Post because it sure would look good on my resume), but I would never be such a shill for a certain candidate, not without admitting it to the readers that I am lucky enough to have.

Early yesterday morning Rubin wrote about the news that Newt Gingrich was about to receive the endorsement of Donald Trump.

If you have not already seen it, here is some of what she wrote.

Herman Cain, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and now, it seems, Donald Trump havelined up behind Newt Gingrich. It’s convenient to have a candidate like Gingrich who attracts the unserious, the unpresidential, the uninformed and the unpalatable all in one convenient locale. It saves the time and effort needed to determine who is a credible Republican and who is not (Gingrich supporters).”

She goes on to point out that, Trumps endorsement would be seen as a negative for much of the people who were polled in New Hampshire before the state has voted second; therefor making the case Gingrich would lose support for the Trump endorsement. So if we are to get this right, because she felt that Trump was such an unserious person, that it only made sense for him to endorse a candidate that has a penchant for “extreme, nasty rhetoric with a disdain for productive governance.”

She then went on to explain why Rick Santorum should use this endorsement to scream to the GOP electorate that he is the only serious contender to Romney; because no one who would accept an endorsement from the likes of Donald Trump could be serious.

Then the news came out that revealed that Trump was not endorsing Gingrich after all, he was going to endorse Romney.

How mad that had to make her. No one would enjoy being made to look like such a fool; unless of course they enjoy being made to look like a fool.

I wonder if she understands that anyone who would advocate a candidate that was endorsed by Donald Trump must be unserious and must belong to the“uninformed and the unpalatable” (Romney Shills at Washington Post).

She has to feel betrayed, how could team Romney not reciprocate all the hard work she has done for them this entire election cycle. How could they be so selfish to allow the endorsement of Trump after she had just admonished Gingrich as an unseriouscandidate?

Her pretentiousness is already legendary, and now when a blogger again jumps the gun and makes a comment as she did about one candidates, only to have to eat their own words the very same day because the candidate they support is the one who really committed that action; this is going to be called a Jen Rubin. It should go down in history as what not to do as a blogger.

She could only do one thing after the news broke, write a post about how big of a mistake it was for team Romney to allow such a mulct action to happen.

She did have one thing correct Romney did roll out the endorsement because “Romney’s press coverage has been rather terrible lately” and that is exactly why she thought it was great that the Trump endorsement was going to go to Gingrich.

One thing I do not get Mr. Rubin, why is it that if Gingrich were so unserious that he would have Trump endorse him, then why in your clean up post, you wrote “It’s unseemly for someone like Romney, who is running as a serious executive, to associate himself with Trump. It undermines Romney’s message that he is the responsible adult in the GOP presidential race.”

You say the endorsement will not hurt Romney, but Gingrich, he would have lost 5 points; balderdash.

I think it goes to show everyone that someone here was being unserious about the whole thing, but it would probably be safe to say that she does not have a clue that most people already know she is a fraud. I do not want to myself be pretentious, but why would someone choose to be that person.

Mark Levin thought so when he wrote this awhile back.

“Who the hell is Jennifer Rubin and how did she become a supposed authority on conservatives and conservatism?”

wapos Jennifer Rubin not happy about newt win romney defeat in sc

“Has she written something profoundly important for the conservative movement or to advance conservatism some time in the past? Has she been involved in any conservative campaign or cause? Has she contributed something substantive or even interesting to the conservative movement or to the current debate? I am no expert on this person, but she appears to have been anointed a conservative thought-leader by the Washington Post when, in fact, she is no such thing. Indeed, as best I can tell, this is her fairly recent resume:”

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