Many in the Conservative Pundit Class do not get it; they better adapt or move out of the way

Just to start out, I am not going to name every pundit that I feel is out of step with those who they claim to represent; the blogosphere has begun to usher in a new class of pundits that are on their way changing the whole equation.

I am going to be very honest here, I am not a fan of the conservative pundit class, but I say this while I am currently in school working towards a goal of working in the same field as said pundits. It would be anserine of me to say that all pundits know nothing about politics and they all have an agenda; not because it is not true, but because of course they know a lot about politics and of course they have an agenda. What most have the  knowledge of is precedent and what their agenda consists of can range from a left wing member of the establishment media class to the fall in line Republican Pundit that probably truly believes they have the countries wellbeing in mind.

In fact it is their agenda that really makes me so angry at most of them; but the very reason I have chosen the field I am going to school in is the hopes to break into the same punditry class that I often assail. I honestly believe there are not enough Erik Erikson’s and Moe Lane’s in the Republican media establishment (I respect these two a lot, they seem to always tell it how it is, even if it makes a good portion of their readers mad), but some of my conservative hero’s like Glenn Beck are seemingly out of touch with what the base is thinking.

Beck while mocking the base has decided to endorse Newt Gingrich for President, not because he wants Gingrich to be president, it is because he stated that nobody is listening to him; he liked Michelle Bachmann, but the base did not agree, Beck moved on to Rick Santorum, the base does not agree with him on that one either.

So instead of just acknowledging the base is willing to give Gingrich a chance to prove himself, Beck stated this “Whatever we say politically, you’ll do the opposite,” so “Now we’re coming clean, we not only recommend, we wholeheartedly endorse Newt Gingrich.”

Beck then went on to compare the race to the 1984 Reagan/Mondale election, with Gingrich getting landslided by Obama in the same manner that Mondale did against Reagan.

I have no problem with the Beck holding this opinion, but what did not sit well with me is the condescending way he went about mocking those who watch, read, and listen to him on the radio (I am a huge fan of Beck, we both used to have an addiction to drugs and alcohol, and he is kind of my idol when it comes to self-made men breaking into the game, and I read all his books, but I did not sign up to GBTV, did not feel like paying to learn things I already know).

What about Coulter, Hannity, and some of the others that have shielded Romney from any real criticism, they have not just let the nomination process play out, they have attempted to dictate the outcome. These conservative pundits spent the last few years slamming President Obama for signing Obama Care into law, but they have been so quick to jump to help Romney defend signing Romney Care, which for all intense and purposes is the same thing.

Hannity always says he is conservative not Republican, so why is he protecting a guy who is clearly not conservative.

I did not write this to slam Beck, Hannity, or Coulter, as much as to just point out how sometimes the conservative pundit class needs to remember that they are indeed the conservative pundit class because of the people who read and listen to them. When Erikson wrote his post about how Perry should drop out, I was not a fan of the idea. The thing is, he was correct in the sense that Perry did push Newt over the top, and handed Romney and the establishment a huge loss; it was a strategic decision that worked. Erikson did not insult those who supported Perry, just stated the raw facts. This is a lesson on how a pundit should treat their supporters. I feel that it is not hard to understand Erikson’s agenda; I suspect it is to get the most conservative candidates elected; but I could alwso be wrong.

We are battling for the Soul of the Party, even if the Conservative Pundit class sees this as a Conservative Popularity Contest; one they will attempt to heard the masses in the direction they see fit.

The News media has attempted to take the Republican nomination process and turn it into a reality show, and who can blame them, it brings viewers in. Most people wouldn’t watch 25 debates if each and every one of them was the same. The problem with the MSM is they do not treat all the candidates the same; can anybody imagine Wolf Blitzer asking President Obama the kind of question meant to bait Romney and Gingrich into driving each other’s negatives up.

With the country on the precipice of mirroring a European style socialist state; these games should be a minor subject, with issues being the main focus, but it is not, and this is fine with many of the people who inhabit the media establishment, and let’s be honest, the Republican Party has been complacent in this. One of the men on the debate stage tonight is going to be the Republican nominee, one would think at least the establishment would plan for the possibility this would be Gingrich and tone down their negative rhetoric against him; but these same people think they have an obligation to take Gingrich out.

So why in the world are the pundits so astonished that small government conservatives throughout the base no longer trust them to have the right answers?  If the Republican Party was to run on the promise of being the third coming of Bush, the election would be over right then and there. The same old big government Republicanism is not going to cut it, to many people still fall for the blame Bush campaign.

So how do the Republicans succeed at overpowering this notion?

I believe the nominee has to capture the very thing the conservative pundit class has treated as an immaterial process by the angry base for much of this nomination process, American voters are angry at the whole system. Not just the President, Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, and state and local government; Americans are mad at the media, the pundits, the talk show host, and Jen Rubin’s from Washington Post (OK, those angry at Rubin are those not supporting Mitt Romney for president).

This is why Gingrich has been able to encapsulate the anger of the conservative base in ways that Romney has not been able to do so; that and the fact that Romney is a complete charlatan, and on just about everything that comes out of his mouth seem to be contradicted by the vast collection of videos on You Tube that shows the opposite is true. It is kind of hard to be the leader of the party of Reagan when he once stated that he would not want to go back to the Reagan/Bush era. Romney cannot capture the anger of the party, and this is driving the pundit class crazy.

And this is exactly why it is my dream to become part of this conservative pundit class; because I think there is a need of a change of guard. Many of the pundits that have advocated the Doles, McCain, and now Romney, have not learned any lessons from the Republican landslide in 2010. This is indeed a different party, and because of that, we need a conservative pundit class that reflects it.