Is There a Republican Establishment calling the Shots?

While over at ricochet, I came across an interesting piece by Troy Senik about the so-called Republican establishment.

Senik quoted a Time Magazine article where Jeb Bush contends there is no Republican establishment.

Jeb Bush told Time Magazine “I don’t know what the Republican establishment is. I haven’t learned the secret handshake, and I don’t know where to go for a membership card.”

Of all people, Jeb Bush knows there is a group of people who call shots in the Republican Party, and there is equally a group of people who follow suit.

Senik noted while “there’s no shadowy cabal meeting in a safe room under the Lincoln Memorial, anyone who doesn’t think there are party grandees trying to impose their will on primary voters is deluding themselves.”

Senik went on to tell a story about how someone from the RNC (didn’t name who) had contacted a member House Republican Caucus to ask this person to help convince Newt Gingrich to clear a path to the nomination for Mitt Romney. To make a longer story short, the member did in fact make the call and Gingrich answered in what Senik describes as a “phrase that began with “go” and ended with “yourself.”

So there we have it, not that none of us would have ever been convinced that there is no Republican establishment in the first place. Jeb Bush of all people is a son of a guy who holds considerable influence in the Republican establishment.

The elders in the Republican Party do not care about what the Republican electorate wants; the only thing that matters to them is retaining power, and gaining back what they lost when the Tea Party came and put them on notice in 2010. They would be perfectly content in rigging the whole process if it helped the next in line. The problem they are having right now is the base of their own Party perceives them to be nothing more than dross old-timers whose time has come.

This is why Newt is doing as well as he is. The question remain whether in the mist of this Establishment pushback, will enough conservatives see through the charade and back Gingrich. I said this at the beginning of this campaign, if we are to ever see a small government conservative in the White House, we will first have to defeat the Republican establishment; and that is not that easy when they have taken over the so called conservative pundit class.