No One knows what a Gingrich Nomination would bring, but one Thing is for Sure, He deserves to find out.

Well let’s just come out and admit it, we all would love to see Newt Gingrich debate President Obama, heck, even Romney probably would like to at least see it, just not as the Republican nominee.

Here in lies the problem, with a Newt Gingrich nomination; we will never know what is coming next. Newt Gingrich has an erratic streak that has gotten him into some serious trouble in the past, and if that was to happen in the general election, it could hand President Obama his reelection on a platter; which would mean a lot more than another four years of big government. The next president will likely get to place two new Supreme Court justices on the bench, and if these two are activist liberals, it will have consequences well beyond the second term of  President Obama.

So that is what is at stake, but what do the voters do about this.

Mitt Romney has some serious problems in his own party, despite having a friendly media pushing his candidacy, the Republican establishment pushing his candidacy, Wall Street pushing his candidacy, and Chris Christie pushing his candidacy; the only ones who are not seeming to push the candidacy of Mitt Romney is the conservative voters, which he needs more than all of the other entities he has, and likely some of the reason he is not winning over voters are because of the for mentioned things.

We conservatives are just sick of the establishment pushing candidates they want to win, and Newt Gingrich has been able to capture that anger more than any other candidate. In a normal year debate skills would not trump the record of a candidate, and in many ways Newt Gingrich has an horrible record, public and private. I will not go into these, but turn on the news next week and you will likely hear about each and every one of the mistakes Newt Gingrich has ever made, and until recently I would not even consider putting Newt Gingrich in the box of candidates I would be willing to support.

A lot can change in one week.

First, Gingrich survived an assault by the left wing media on his past personal life, and fought back in a way that really galvanizes conservatives towards his candidacy. Second, Mitt Romney has shown himself to be a very weak debater. First the establishment media had allowed Romney to lie his way through every debate, but they have begun to hit him on his record in order to prep him for the time they thought he would face Obama, they would have rather had a weakened Romney; but he handled it even more horribly than most thought he would.

Gingrich earned his win in South Carolina, and by doing so he has shaken up this race big time.

I am not sure if Newt Gingrich past mistakes will be forgiven by the independent voters that he will need to attract to win the right to occupy the White House, but one thing I am sure of, he deserves the shot, and out of the three candidates that are left in this race, Newt probably now has the best shot at doing so.

One thing I am really concerned with is if Gingrich wins the nomination, but goes on to lose the general election against President Obama, the establishment would stop at nothing to make sure every conservative that lives knows they told us this would happen. This will become our fault in their eyes, which would likely happen even if it is Romney who loses against President Obama; my concern is would an outcome like that make it harder to choose someone like Bobby Jindal in 2016, because if Perry does not run in 2016 if we fail to gain the White House in 2012, Jindal will be on the top of at least my list, Honestly I wish he would run right now. He would probably win the rest of the states, even without being able to campaign throughout 2011.

Ok, I digress, we have to deal with the candidates we have.

So after some soul searching, and a lot of thinking, I’ve come to realize that despite the risk, Newt Gingrich has earned a chance to face President Obama; besides it does not seem like Romney or Santorum could fair much better. If the voters of this country can do what Republlican voters have done, and let bygones be bygones, then Newt has a good shot at becoming president. At that point, all bets are off. No one knows for sure what would happen after that, we may see good Newt, Bad Newt, or Both; then again we could see that next week. This should be fun.