Attacking Conservatives who want to Beat Romney is a Stupid thing to do, but Perry is still the only conservative in this Race.

The above video just reminds me of what I would love to see again in a conservative president, and I thought I would share it with you guys. Lets remember, sometimes we may disagree, but in the end we all want the same thing.

OK, after reading Twitter for a while it quickly became clear to me that some Perry supporters are pretty upset at Erik Erikson for this. To tell you the truth, I understand peoples anger, some of us have spent a lot of time trying to get the word out about the real Rick Perry; and some have a good grasp on who Newt Gingrich has been throughout his career, not just a few things he was part of in the 1990’s that he claims makes him the only Reagan Republican in the race.

I personally do not think Newt could be considered a Republican and still be any different than Ronald Reagan. Newt has in fact at times has shown petulant behavior towards conservatives (Those Conservatives) , and even though Reagan indeed was once a Democrat, once he became a Republican he never acted in any way that would harm the movement; one cannot  or should not make that same claim about Newt Gingrich.

Here is the deal, I do not agree with anyone that says Rick Perry should drop out an endorse Newt Gingrich, but as Americans we should respect other people’s views of how to best proceed in this primary season.  Erik Ericson has every right to say what he feels, and we should respect that, and we should expect that. Do people really want Erik writing post that says what we want him to say, not me, I would rather get the real thing, and I see no reason to not think that is what we have gotten?

Now, that does not mean agreeing with him should be expected, this is the very thing that makes this country so great. Let’s not forget, beating President Obama is the real goal. The argument should be about how we best accomplish this task. The Supreme Court of the United States could look much different by 2016 if we do not put a Republican in the White House. We would see a lot more of this.

This is all that matters in the end. Sure we should want a conservative in the White House, and unless Rick Perry is the nominee, that is not going to happen in 2012. If I was forced to choose between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, the choice is indeed an easy one more me to make.

The reason I think this is because even though Newt has been slightly more conservative throughout his career than Mitt Romney has been, Newt comes with a level of baggage that is probably unmatched in the history of modern presidential politics. His personal life reminds me of the days of Andrew Jackson.  There were those who said that Andrew Jackson had married his wife while she was already married, and he threatened violence to his wife’s ex-husband for slandering her name, and even went as far to kill a man in a dual in 1806 for doing the same.  I cannot help but think with Newt Gingrich as the nominee, the Chicago Machine will not find it that hard to dig up whatever dirt is out there about Newt that has not already been aired out already.

Now on top of that, Newt, being the former speaker of the house would make Obama’s goal of running against Congress that much easier. With Congress having their approval at an all-time Gallup low of 11%, it only makes sense for Obama to run against them, to blame the current state of things on them. If Newt is the nominee, the country will be reminded about how Newt once shut down government, and how the Tea Party almost did the same thing over the summer.

Are you confident this would not be a powerful argument in favor of Obama over Newt Gingrich? Do you think the independents in this country are going to give Newt the benefit of the doubt?

I can tell you this, I want to like Newt Gingrich, and I want to support him. But I cannot get past the reality of who he has been. Newt Gingrich seems like an unlikely champion of conservative values when he has broken them time and time again. Newt Gingrich cannot talk about the mandate any more than Romney can, if fact I would suspect that Obama would answer a debate question about the Mandate to not vary to far whether it was Newt our Romney standing on the debate stage.

The one thing we will not hear about is the lobbying if Romney is the nominee, but we will if Newt is. Mitt Romney would also likely lose against President Obama, his record is not very good either, and he has a history of getting beat in elections, but what he does not have is the personal baggage Newt Gingrich has; and I suspect that this baggage will hold much more weight than it has in the Republican primaries.

Whoever win the nomination I will support, but I will not be happy about it if it is any of the Big Government Republican that are in this race: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, or Mitt Romney, but if it is one of them that I have to support, then I am going with the governor.

I’ve spent a good portion of this election cycle complaining about the establishment pushing the moderate candidates: Romney and Huntsman. I am still not happy they did this, but one thing I am impressed with is even if they never really had a plan that said they should all support Mitt Romney, they indeed have kept the true conservative down. At the beginning of the election cycle if you would have told me that conservatives would be rallying behind Newt Gingrich as the best person to beat President Obama, I would have thought the chance of that happening was unlikely. Now, it is happening in greater numbers; this tells me that Mitt Romney may have already won. The so called establishment has played their hand brilliantly, and the true winner in this President Obama. With Romney or Newt, he is likely going to win.