The Media reaction to Perry is proof He is Best to Face Romney and Obama

In what politico (of all liberal news sites) called two “strong debate” in New Hampshire, Perry has started to campaign in South Carolina. In one of these debate Perry calls Obama a Socialist.

“We have a president who’s a socialist,” he said. “I don’t think our Founding Fathers wanted America to be a socialist”

Perry is really one who is not afraid to tell it how it is.

As a conservative, I like my candidate to not be worried about what the liberal media says, in fact even though they hate Perry, his ideas are often very good and they know it. Who was the candidate to suggest sanctions on the Iranian national bank again, we are hearing the chatter about that now.

And now what about Iraq?

What was Rick Perry talking about when he said “I’d send troops back into Iraq” because the liberal media jumped on it at first, and have mentioned it as the killer of his campaign. Here is what Perry really said.

“We’re going to see Iran, in my opinion, move back in at literally the speed of light. They’re going to move back in, and all of the work we’ve done — every young man that has lost his life in that country will have been for nothing. Because we’ve got a president that does not understand what’s going on in that region,” the Texas governor said during the ABC News presidential debate in New Hampshire Saturday night.

“I think we start talking with the Iraqi individuals there,”.

“The idea that we allow the Iranians to come back into Iraq and take over that country, with all of the treasure, both in blood and money, that we have spent in Iraq, because this president wants to kowtow to his liberal, leftist base and move out those men and women. He could have renegotiated that time frame.”

We all know the mess that is happening in Iraq right now, like there is no real threat of that country becoming a proxy for Iran. Do we want to have the last ten years of money and blood spent to go to the benefit of Iran?

Even the liberal Newspaper New York Times admits trouble is brewing in Iraq.

“Within days of the departure of the last American convoy, the country was in political turmoil that was extreme even by its own standards. The Shiite-dominated government issued an arrest warrant for the Sunni vice president, Tariq al-Hashimi, one of the country’s most prominent Sunni leaders, accusing him of running a personal death squad that assassinated security officials and government bureaucrats. Mr. Hashimi denied the charges and accused Mr. Maliki’s government of using the country’s security forces to persecute political opponents, specifically Sunnis.”

“Almost as significant as what Mr. Hashimi said was where he said it: in Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous northern region of Kurdistan. Because of the region’s autonomy, Mr. Maliki’s security forces cannot easily act on the warrant. Mr. Hashimi said he would not return to Baghdad, effectively making him an internal exile.”  

Even some of the more moderate parts of the Republican Party are worried about Iraq; Senator John McCain (who endorsed Romney of course) has brought up Iraq.

McCain said in an interview that aired   last Sunday on CBS “Face the Nation” that “Iraq is unraveling. It’s unraveling because we didn’t keep a residual force there because the president of the United States pledged to get out of Iraq,”

“And we could have kept a residual force there and kept some stability. Instead it’s unraveling and Iran’s influence is increasing. And there’s every possibility you could see a very chaotic situation”

OK so now I cleared up that whole false narrative that somehow Rick Perry has messed up for not only pointing out that  Iraq is dangerously close to imploding from within ,and allowing Iran to take over, that it it is probably our fault for not keeping some troops stationed there.

I have to ask all my conservatives friends, if Perry is such an easy win for Mitt Romney and President Obama? Why wouldn’t they push Perry until the rest of the candidates are gone and then destroy him with their powers of deduction?

Why we have Nancy Pelosi dinging Newt Gingrich for calling an ad he did with her the dumbest thing he has ever done, we are watching the right leaning media completely ignore the debate performances of Rick Perry, they have the last five of them. By the way I can’t help but think that maybe the ethics violations were a much bigger mistake for Newt, or maybe the two times he cheated on his wife and kids,, because when you cheat on your wife, you are also hurting your kids in the process. I am all for forgiveness, but come on man, really, Newt, you think a climate change ad put together by Ale Gore is worse than cheating on your wife or getting forced out as speaker of the House. Oh, I digress.

Perry did not quit after Iowa because like he stated today “The target’s in sight and I’m not giving up,” Perry added I “never quit a day in my life.”

And it is hard not to notice that Perry is doing much better in the debates.

Even Politico has noticed, and that is saying something.

“On the debate stages in New Hampshire and Sunday evening in South Carolina, Perry projected confidence: He swung repeatedly at his rivals for being Washington insiders and connected that with the original argument of his candidacy. He blasted Barack Obama repeatedly and called the president a socialist. He hardly stumbled. He even made a self-deprecating reference to his infamous “oops” moment from an early November debate, when he couldn’t remember the third of three agencies he wanted to eliminate from the federal government.”

I think it is clear that Perry is the only person who has any chance of stopping Romney. He is the only one whose record is not filled with so much big government and baggage that it will turn voters off in the general election. President Obama can never go “well you once supported these things too”, not with Perry, but Newt and Romney he can say that. 

 Perry’s campaign was late getting in, and he or his team, or both were not ready for the attacks that came in the early debates.

But let me ask you this, why has no one in this race seen the level of a pile on that Rick Perry received when he first got into this race? The reason for this is simple. Even though Newt Gingrich supporter, Rick Santorum supporters, Ron Paul supporters, Michelle Bachmann supporters, Herman Cain supporters, John Huntsman supporters, and Mitt Romney supporters have not figured out that Perry has the strongest most conservative record in this race, the campaigns of all these candidates did right away, and they knew they were going to have to do damage to Perry quickly, or he would probably not have been stopped. All we heard on Fox News was they have to attack Rick Perry, but when Perry attacks back he was being a bully; come on people are we running for student counsel or the presidency.

Perry was a strong candidate when he got into this race, the debates knocked him off his game a little bit, but he has gotten them down pat now, whether it because of better team prep or just a better back, five in a row is no fluke. Let’s remember, while other people were getting ready to become presidential candidates, Rick Perry was successfully running the job creating capital of this wonderful nation of ours. He was asked to get into this race, and he answered the call. He was not spending the last 6 years seeking the best platform, but he has it,  the tenth amendment is not just his talking point, he lives it, his state lives it. His team was not ready, but that is what experience is for, and in the last few months they seem to have gained a lot.

These last five solid debate performances in a row point to something affecting his performances when he first got into the race, whatever it was , it is gone. The Republican Party has to be insane not to give Perry a chance to face Obama, being his only weakness in this race has always been his debates. Lets remember, the media is not going to up the candidates they think has the best shot at beating Obama, they will try for a least worst case combined with the easiest to beat. This year Romney fits in as both. My guess is the Democrats and their media friends would like to have Newt Gingrich above all others, I know if I was them, I would.