A Question to Perry supporters at Red State from a Iowa Perry Precinct Captain

As a Member of Perry’s Iowa Strike Force and precinct captain, I have a Question for Red State Perry Supporters. Tomorrow I will wake up and get ready, around three o’clock I will start making calls to committed Perry supporters to see if they need help getting to their caucus location and other information, around six o’clock I will be going to my local precinct to put signs up and get ready for the caucus to start. My Job is to hand out flyers, stickers, and answer question about Gov. Perry.  I will have one helper because my precinct is not the largest, but it is one we would like to win.

In the area I am leading Mitt Romney won heavily in 2008, but it looks like this year we have a lot of people who have not decided on the candidate they will caucus for.  There are two things will be vital to success in this precinct: first will be face to face interaction, and second will be when I deliver ‘Caucus Night Remarks in Support of Rick Perry for President.

I’ve done with training, and have my prepared remarks ready. Here is the question I have for you. I am allowed to go off script to try and highlight the things I think will get people to Caucus for Perry. I am asking you Perry supporters at Red State to help me decide what you think are the most effective reasons to support Rick Perry for president.

Many of you have worked hard going all over the internet dispelling some of the lies being told about Perry, and I’ve watched so many here at Red State really give it their all straightening out  some of the distortion Romney and Paul supporters post on the Red State comment bored. I understand that many of you may live in states that vote later, and because of that I would like to give you a chance to have some input in what happens in Iowa, even if it is just helping one precinct captain come up with the best reasons for the undecided and the soft vote to caucus for Texas Gov. Rick Perry. We know he is the choice we would like, but others do not know what we do.

Remember, I will have approximately two minutes to give these remarks, and that is the problem. I would like to get the most out of this two minutes that I can, and all input would be greatly appreciated.