Fear is the mind-killer, or a possible explanation of some Trump support.

After months and months of all the silly season campaigns going on, I have been scratching my head on why and how Trump has kept his support.  It seems like every election is for the sake of the country, and in many ways , they are.  I remember hearing ’08 that we had to support McCain because losing the White House would ruin the country.  And, unfortunately it has.  Rinse and repeat in ’12 with Romney and even larger pictures of doom and gloom.

It seems that the only force used in politics is to put two bad choices in front of people and tell them it’s doomsday if you don’t support their guy.  Watching the “arguments” in favor of Trump and you hear about the big boogeyman of Bush during the summer.  Currently you hear how you don’t want a Hillary in charge of the country.  The only answer to both of these is Trump(which leads to what was the stupid question).

Supporters first salvo in the argument is you don’t want a Hillary presidency do you?  When that doesn’t have the desired effect, they pull out a resume and go through the litany of how super awesome he is.  When that doesn’t work they go with the favorite of the candidate and start stating polls.  All of this is to force people into the false sense that he is inevitable.

And with that inevitability comes the attempt at a bandwagon push/cattle-prod to prevent the doom of another Clinton admin.  As I’ve said in the title, if you emotionally remove yourself from the argument, how con someone be inevitable without a single vote cast and a single caucus goer caucused?  The people running Trumps and quite a few other campaigns need to keep turning those screws and have drama come in from different angles.  Keep the stress level up so much that all they have is tunnel vision and fixated on making the badness go away.  All of the candidates proclaim that they are the only one with the secret sauce to create success, but really, how do they know what you would define as success.

Trump speaks with the vagueness of Obama.  Keep the details down and your mind fills in the blanks.  Don’t promise anything concrete and just tell them he is going to make America great again in some super secret underpants gnome way.  If you look at his stump speeches and debate answers, they are;

A) I can make America great again.

B) I can negotiate with China and make them pay.

C) I can build a wall and make Mexico pay.

D) I’ll tame the Mideast and have them give me oil because I’m that super awesome.

and so on…

Nothing specific, you fill in the blanks and I’ll take the credit for whatever happens.

So, how does one figure out who to support?  First get your hands away from the front of you, like Oliver holding a bowl asking for more.  Look to a candidate who wants to remove power away from DC and give it back to the lowest local level that can work that issue.  This is important because that pendulum always swings and whatever little program that you thought was innocuous enough suddenly turns into the EPA and they are taking your home away because your have a seasonal vernal pool(puddle) in your back yard.  That is where fear needs to be focused.