Why does the NRSC keep doing this?

I just got back from reading the Campaign Spot on National Review Online, and there is a link to a Miami Herald piece that leaves me scratching my head.  First Charlie Crist, it’s stated, is off his game and could still possibly win the nomination without the Cuban-American vote.  Along with all the other bad news that his campaign has had to endure (most of it self inflicted) makes this a real long shot for him to pull it off.  He has lost all momentum and there a lot of people who are in the office pool with bets on a January exit.

Then, why does the NRSC keep pushing the support on a losing candidate for a nomination, but will not support the nominee for the special election in MA? I think I have drawn blood from all the scratching.  The stated goal of the NRSC is to elect more Republicans to the Senate and they won’t give even a token amount to Brown.  This is a special election with a ton of motivation for Republicans to take this seat for multiple reasons, all of them good. But, all of the national organizations are sitting on their hands and waiting this one out.


Oh yeah, to donate http://www.brownforussenate.com/