Obama Flying Back to Hawaii to Destroy His Kenyan Birth Certificate?

Updates as of October 25th:

1)Obama has legally “admitted” in a Pennsylvania lawsuit that he was born in Kenya, and thus is barred by Article I, Section II, of the U.S. Constitution from serving as President of the United States.

2) Attorney Phillip Berg says he now has in his possession a tape recording of Obama’s African grandmother affirming that she was present in the hospital room in Kenya as Obama was born, and a supporting affidavit from the person who made the recording.

3)On page 26 of his “Dreams” book, Obama mentions finding a “birth certificate” folded together with a newspaper article about his father, who may have omitted any mention of young Obama or his mother, “in anticipation of his long departure [back to Africa].”

Obama is now in Hawaii, where his well organized American grandmother may well have a copy of his birth certificate in her desk drawer, or safety deposit box. If the document is a valid birth certificate from Hawaii that somehow was not properly filed, then the case may be resolved with Obama waving it around as he steps off the airplane back on the campaign trail, like Neville Chamberlain waving his Munich treaty.

Obama’s sudden interest in seeing his grandmother may well be coupled with the desire to find the old document himself, rather than delegate someone to root through old papers that may have embarrassing or politically dangerous information about his wild early years, his associations with the Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, (http://sunlituplands.blogspot.com/2008/05/report-obama-mentored-by-communist.html) or other matters.

The trip, like his bizarre refusal thus far to produce his birth certificate, and so much else, has a remarkably bad smell to it for a Presidential candidate favored to win the impending election ten days from now.

Just to keep things interesting, it worth noting that the old “birth certificate” may be nothing more than a copy of the certificate of registration, which proves nothing about where he was born. It could also be a fake of some sort created sometime after Mom returned home, in which case experts would be able to resolve this, except that by refusing to comply with his obvious civic duty to produce the certificate, Obama has recklessly rammed all this right up the very last moment. Thus, by his irresponsible conduct, Obama has pitched the nation, and our electoral system into unnecessary peril, without even taking office.

Of course, if the birth certificate Obama refers to in his book happens to be from Kenya, that “smoking gun” could easily, and very conveniently, disappear. Obama would have enormous motive and easy opportunity to simply destroy it in the privacy of his grandmother’s home. Would anyone care to insure such a document for the next few days? This option would make Obama’s stonewalling, and his sudden trip to see his “typical white person” grandmother make the most sense of all.

Any or all of these scenarios should be more than enough to cause all but the most entranced of Obama supporters to have very serious and sober second thoughts about putting this reckless and quite mysterious man into the White House in these perilous times.


Facts: Obama’s African grandmother and half siblings say Obama was born in Kenya. They say the birth happened after his pregnant mother, disillusioned by the sexism and anti-white racism she experienced when she came to Kenya, tried to fly home. The relatives say she was too late in her pregnancy– she was prevented from boarding the airliner back to America by officials who feared she would give birth during the flight.

Although Obama is running for President, an office that the Constitution limits to “natural born” citizens (the same requirement that has prevented California’s Governor Schwarzenegger from running for President), Obama has inexplicably failed to voluntarily resolve questions raised about his natural born citizen status by simply producing a birth certificate for reporters and others to see. In subsequent court proceedings, he has further refused to produce a birth certificate from Hawaii, despite lawsuits filed in several states seeking production of the document.

Obama’s American grandmother, an 85 year old former bank vice-president who in large part both raised Obama and helped pay his private school tuition, has never publicly confirmed or denied the account of the African relatives. It is quite possible that she may have the original or copies of Obama’s true birth certificate in her possession.

She has been kept isolated from the public and press throughout the campaign. Obama says she is ill, though not gravely so, and recently announced he is flying home to spend several days with her, virtually on the eve of the election.


Given Obama’s otherwise bizarre, inexplicable, and downright wacky refusal to allow anyone to see his birth certificate, the original of which should be on public file in Hawaii, and copies of which he should have readily available in his files, it begins to seem more and more possible that his African grandmother and two half siblings there are telling the simple truth– that Obama really was born in Kenya. If so, of course, Obama cannot possibly have a true Hawaiian birth certificate. This would explain his otherwise “bizarre, inexplicable” refusals very well.

Why not let the voters know of the risks involved before the election, instead of after it? Even if he were born in Hawaii, why would any good faith candidate for President refuse to produce the document?

In any event, Obama’s African grandmother and two half siblings are quite detailed in their account– they relate that back in 1961 Obama’s disillusioned mother was desperately trying to escape Kenyan black racist prejudice against whites, and misogynist Kenyan treatment of women, and get back home to America, but was barred by airline officials from boarding the plane because she was too pregnant to fly.

All Obama has ever produced is a blurry, Internet image of something entirely different from a birth certificate. The image is of another type of certificate anyone can obtain by walking into a clerk’s office and announcing they have given birth to a child– anywhere on the planet. The image, even if not fake, on its own terms proves nothing about either in what country, or on what continent, Obama was born.

“Res ipsa loquitur” is the ancient legal doctrine that applies in legal matters when “things speak for themselves.” Obama’s failure to produce a birth certificate, either voluntarily or despite lawsuits filed in more than a half dozen states, does indeed “speaks for itself.” It “speaks” volumes.

Obama’s failure is, at best, evidence that he is a very bad public citizen, one who refuses to comply with the eminently reasonable request that he end the potential Constitutional Crisis that lies dead ahead for our nation. All he has to do is simply allow reporters and the voters to see his birth certificate. But Obama finds this too much to ask. Is he just petulant, playing games with the electorate? Or is he knowingly perpetuating a gigantic and reckless fraud upon the United States of America and its electorate?

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask how very little you are willing to do for your country” might seem to be his motto, as the election draws nigh.

Obama’s serial failures in this matter are, at best, evidence that he is too reckless and irresponsible to be our President. Or, at worst, evidence that his African grandmother is telling the truth, that he was born in Kenya, and thus is not a natural born citizen of the U.S. as is required for him to be President. If the latter is the case, he has attempted to perpetuate a gigantic fraud upon America. The consequences of this for our politics and our social fabic will be enormous. And coming very soon.

Terry R. “Publius”

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