Obama Flying Back to Hawaii to Destroy His Kenyan Birth Certificate?

Obama has maintained a nearly total blackout of his personal records– his college transcripts, his medical records, and many more. No problem, it’s OK with the press. Now an “inconvenient controversy” is growing about where Obama was born. Obama’s African relatives say that he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii.

Allegedly, when his pregnant mother-to-be first flew to Kenya with her bridegroom, she discovered that in Kenya women were so badly treated, and that Obama’s black family was so bitterly prejudiced against her because she was white, that now she desperately wanted to fly home. And she tried. But, she was, according to Obama’s black grandmother and at least two of his African half siblings, blocked from boarding the airplane home to America because airline personnel could see that was on the verge of giving birth.

The last known living American who knows for sure whether Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii is the woman he very publicly derided as a “typical white person” — his grandmother in Hawaii. Having already “thrown grandma under the bus” by alleging she was a racist for becoming upset by an aggressive black panhandler who frightened her as she waited at a bus stop to go work (in part to pay Obama’s private school tuition) Obama now resurrects her to some degree– she is still worthy of his emergency return to be with her in her (last?) illness.

On page 126 of his “Dreams” book Obama frankly admits that his African Grandfather wrote to Obama’s parents to say “that he didn’t want the Obama blood sullied by a white woman.” Perhaps Obama’s white grandmother, now an 86 year old retired bank vice-president, has the original of that letter? And perhaps originals of other letters— and documents, birth certificates, for example, in a safety deposit box, or just in her desk drawer somewhere?

Obama’s white Grandmother is ten years younger than McCain’s talkative, interview granting mother, but Grandma, having been tossed “under the bus” by Obama, has also been kept in complete isolation throughout the entire campaign, so far as I know. Not an interview, not a pro-Obama commercial spot, not a word at the door, no letters, no tapes, no pictures, no discussion, no nothing.

The silence is complete. But now that news of the lawsuit alleging Obama was born in Kenya is trickling out, now that news of Obama’s failure and apparent refusal to produce a simple thing like a birth certificate, either Kenyan or American, in court proceedings is gradually escaping (via internet and now talk radio) through the mainstream media total blackout of the subject, Obama is suddenly interested in going home, no doubt to spend some private time with his Grandmother– and perhaps her desk drawer?

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