Sarah Palin Hating Liberal Trolls Invade Tea Pary Nation

Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker at the first National Tea Party Convention on February 4th in Nashville, TN. As the day draws near the liberal trolls are out in force. Site administrators sent out the following email to their members this morning:


Friends, over the last 36 hours, our site has been attacked by liberals. They have joined en masse, coming on the site to offend, disrupt and interfere as much as they can. They have uploaded inappropriate content, sent us obscene messages and even uploaded pornographic images.

We are taking steps to correct these problems.

We want to take this opportunity to thank those who have become members of Tea Party Nation in the last few days. Before our site was assaulted, our growth had been phenomenal. Our precautions are going to slow our growth, but ultimately will keep TPN the site that you want it to be.

The liberal website Newsvine had a short article this morning basically blasting the site for banning liberals. They claim that Rachel Maddow was banned from the site merely because she is a liberal. It is mind boggling how they can turn this attack into conservatives discriminating against liberals. The article completely ignored the the obscene messages and pornographic images that the trolls were posting on the site. Leave it to the warped liberal mind to resort to their usual tactics when faced with the truth…..create a distraction, ignore the facts, name calling.

This is not the first time that these subhuman liberal trolls have gone after Sarah Palin support sites. In October 2008, a group of sock puppets from such liberal sites as Democratic Underground and Something Awful invaded the Team Sarah support site and began posting racists remarks about Barack Obama. They took screen shots and sent them to the Huffington Post and the ultra liberal hate site ran with it publishing articles about the purported “racists” at Team Sarah. However, their plot was exposed by administrators and several conservative bloggers including Michelle Malkin wrote about it and the Huffington Post ended up with egg on their face.

The worst attack on the site came on January 8, 2009. The liberal hate exploded when the trolls hijacked the site and bombarded it with graphic pictures of naked mutilated bodies of adults and children, obscene heterosexual and gay sex and other vile images all the while posting profanity and hateful attacks of Sarah Palin and her down syndrome son, Trig.

This is the type of irrational hatred that Sarah Palin brings out of those on the left who want to demonize and attack this woman whose only crime is that she is a conservative woman who stands for God, Life, Family and Country.

So in response to Newsvine and those liberal haters who are whining about being banned from Tea Party Nation, spare us your outrage! The administrators have the right and a responsibility to uphold the integrity of the site by protecting its members from hate mongers who wish to join their site for the sole person of disrupting the site by spewing their hate and sowing discord.

You know that you are making a difference for our conservative cause when you have the crazies on the left orchestrating troll invasions on your site. They are running scared and lashing out at anyone that they deem as a threat to their crumbling agenda. Keep up the great work Tea Party Nation.