Almost a Good Platform Mrs. Obama

Childhood obesity is, well, not a good thing. First Lady Michelle Obama is championing a good issue, on the surface. Encouraging families to be more active, eat better and in general be conscious of their health is a good thing. What would be better, though, is putting the issue in perspective and actually dealing with the real issue at hand-the destruction of families.

The modern family, which is a family where both parents work outside of the home, is considered to be progress. Even more modern it is to be single, several times divorced and remarried, but for this article’s purposes, two working parent families will suffice. Working at home as a full time mother, or father, isn’t really working according to today’s “progressives.” Raising a family can happen in the background while mom and dad pursue their careers. Being a homemaker, especially for a woman, is considered oppressive and a step backward in the eyes of the left.

Years ago when the majority of women were working at home as homemakers (I choose not to give in and call it “Staying at home” as that implies raising a family is something secondary and not a valid and noble first choice) children’s food intake was monitored, and more or less controlled, by a mother who saw to it that they were fed breakfast, a good lunch and even, you guessed it, a family dinner. Children played at school during recess and then when they came home until dark. The first problem, what children are eating, is negated by a mother who’s taking care of what the child eats, within reason. The second issue, some would argue, is in large part because of fears that children aren’t as safe as they used to be.

Children aren’t as safe as they used to be. Is that because there are more bad people in the world than in years past? Maybe. Could it also be because people are having less children, families don’t know their neighbors and generations of children are not being raised? Probably. Children are no longer being raised by their parents. Remember when Hilary Clinton used the old saying, “it takes a village.” The village she was talking about, wasn’t the village that old saying meant. What the left really wants is for the government to do the “child-rearing.” Child-rearing is hard, takes sacrifices and who really wants to do that? Just have the children and let the government do the rest. In many children’s cases, that’s exactly what’s happening and the repressions don’t end when childhood does.

Michelle Obama is championing childhood obesity at a time when the CDC claims that childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past 30 years. What else coincides with the past thirty years? Why it’s the modern family and the modern woman who can have it all without anyone having to suffer. The problem is it’s the children that suffer, in more ways than just childhood obesity. Michelle Obama is most likely going to use this platform to tell parents the obvious, ensure that their children eat better and get more active. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama will most likely, like most other people, gloss over the real issue at hand and that is the destruction of the family.