Crib Notes vs. Teleprompters

Sarah Palin, a.k.a. the woman that the mainstream fears more than global warming, I mean, climate change, wrote some notes on her hand for her speech at the recent Tea Party Convention. Not only does the mainstream media feel that this shows that she is the “r” word, the administrations’ press secretary Robert Gibbs felt the need to make his own joke about it, publicly. Gibbs scrawled a few notes on his hand, a few grocery items, you know to make him seem like one of the people, and then the magic words, hope and change. Class apparently isn’t required in this administration.

Apparently the mainstream media thinks that having notes is a problem, but having an entire script scrolling in front of your face on a teleprompter and being virtually unable to speak without it, is perfectly fine. No one finds it problematic that the President of the United States has to use a teleprompter to speak to a group of elementary school students but a former president gets a few C’s and incorrectly pronounces a few words and there’s outrage that our leader is stupid. If it’s okay to even remember President Bush without blaming everything on him, it’s interesting to note that he often spoke off the cuff and with, at best, notes in front of him. Did he ever get credit for being a good speaker? Did he ever get credit for knowing the issues well enough to pull that off while giving speeches that were concise, on topic and engaging? No, apparently President Teleprompter is the greatest gift to speeches since Jesus.

While Sarah Palin prefers to speak to people, President Teleprompter prefers to lecture. No matter what anyone thinks of Sarah Palin, the blatant double standard by the left is blinding. Sarah Palin is dumb, George Bush is dumb, but Barack Obama is the greatest speaker to ever grace the White House. The propping up of the President is enough to make one wonder that is really pulling the strings? Are those behind the President so afraid that he’s going to make a mistake that they have to have him constantly on a script? While that may seem farfetched, if President Bush would have used the teleprompter like Barack Obama he would have never heard the end of it.

The mainstream media was quick to criticize Sarah Palin, who is currently not in an elected office, for having scant notes on the palm of her hand, yet little to nothing is said about the leader of the free world holding onto the teleprompter crutch. Out of all of the television news outlets, the only one that keeps the President accountable is Fox News, or as the left affectionately calls them “Faux News.” That’s the trick of those who are caught red handed, defame the messenger.

Remember folks, this is the President who wants to woo the world with his golden tongue, that is as long as he can have a teleprompter. Can they put a mini-teleprompter on the Iphone? If so you can bet President Obama will bring peace to the Middle East, convince all terrorists to hug it out and cure cancer. Just make sure that hope and change are on the prompter.