Enemy of the State: Political Correctness

“Fort Hood shows that there’s still political correctness in the US Army,” writes Stephanie Gutmann in The Daily Telegraph. I’ll cut her some slack because she is in fact British; however, her article echoes much of the discourse here in the States. Frankly, most of the pieces on the Fort Hood tragedy simply miss the mark. Everyone from commentators to high ranking officials are either surprised by the political correctness that allowed this tragedy to happen or they fail to acknowledge it at all. Either way for anyone that has withstood the political correct system of brainwashing, i.e. media and the school system, is not at all surprised by what has occurred. America is a place where fine print means everything and free speech is no different. Free speech, unless that speech is gasp, hate speech. If anything you say could even be remotely considered racist, that is against everyone except Caucasians, men or Christians, (honkies are fair game, its okay I can say it), say it at your own peril.

If this sounds alarmist, think about all the things you can’t say because they might be considered “hate speech.” In this country, certain groups of people are protected as if they’re too fragile to handle themselves. Affirmative action affirmatively tells certain groups of people that they can’t compete on their own. You can make fun of this group of people, but not that group of people. How about hate crimes? It seems logical that since we already have laws on the books for assault, battery, etc., that if a crime as such was committed against anyone it would, well, be booked as such. No no, that’s not good enough. Now the motivation behind the crime matters. It’s not good enough that you assaulted a human being, no, if that human being is one of the protected groups it matters that much more.

While the Fort Hood tragedy is just that, a tragedy, it’s far from surprising. The climate we live in is one of absurdity, ultra sensitivity and chaos that are a breeding ground for this type of behavior. Shortly after the story hit the national airwaves a second thread surfaced, one in which Muslim groups’ feared retribution. Of course entire groups of Muslims should not be targeted with any type of cruelty, that should be a given. That said, I don’t think it’s cruel to question a religion’s adherents when attacks are made in the name of their god. If there were modern day crusaders killing people in the name of Jesus I’m pretty sure I’d make it clear that that’s not the Jesus I worship, thanks for playing though.

Once again, a simple issue becomes a complex one because of the ridiculous nature of political correctness. Instead of looking at an issue through rational eyes, political correctness clouds and distorts it. Instead of calling this man what he is, a murderer, we sit back and wonder what provoked him. We ask, gee did we do anything wrong? Like a lovelorn victim of domestic abuse, instead of pointing the finger at the perpetrator, we point it at ourselves. Yes, in fact we did do something wrong, we didn’t stop him when he exhibited signs of being a murderous terrorist.

I don’t think it’s strange to wonder how something like this could go unnoticed in the United States military. How a man could rise through the ranks like he did and harbor these types of feelings towards the country he was supposed to be serving. The left needs to wake up and get a clue, political correctness is not only an enemy of our free speech, it is now an enemy of the state.