Stupidity on Display

Last night I heard someone say on Sirius that they knew they would be voting for a Democrat no matter what.  Doesn’t matter who, they already knew they would not be voting for any Republican.

I imagine that if you proposed the most outlandish pairing possible for the general election, say [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] and Martin O’Malley, their answer would be unchanged.  Essentially, they are saying that no matter what, no Republican can possible overcome the negative attributes of being Republican and no Democrat can ever be dragged down to that level, again, no matter what they do or say.

This is single-issue voting at its most idiotic.  If this were confined to my daughter (who is presently for [mc_name name=”Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”S000033″ ]) and a few of her nutty friends it would be tragic but not really a big problem.  But it isn’t confined at all; there are huge numbers of people that believe like this.

Actually, this is worse than single-issue voting.  If you ask someone who is fervent about, say, abortion, and will never vote for anyone that is pro-abortion this is understandable.  It may be somewhat short-sighted, but there is a logic to it.  The “I’ll never vote Republican” mindset really has no logic behind it at all and is as naïve as the 1930s Southerner decrying the encroachment of African Americans and using the “N” word constantly.  My teenage years were filled with a different set of folks complaining about the “schvartzes” so while I didn’t grow up in the South I have some idea.

This can be seen in talking to such people.  You ask them if there is a specific policy that they object to.  Of course, the first thing these days is that Republicans (all of ’em) want to deny health care to poor people by eliminating the great ObamaCare plan.  The fact that alternatives that are far kinder to both the taxpayer and the person seeking health care have been proposed is irrelevant; the point is that all Republicans want to eliminate health care for anyone that isn’t rich.  The senselessness of this prejudicial attitude is all-pervasive.

The same attitude comes into play with immigration.  Republicans want to make the country into their own private fenced-in country club and keep the riff-raff out.  Democrats (again all of ’em as a group universally) want to open the benefits of the US to all comers because there is no reason for us to be “geographically privileged.”  Trying to engage someone in a conversation is pointless because they “know” what all Republicans want and it is offensive to them.  Democrats (without referencing any specific policies or even voting records) are nice people that want to invite others in to join the party.

I am sure there are people with just as prejudicial attitudes on the Republican side, but from what I have seen it is far less prevalent.  Many have commented about the “racial uniformity” on the Democratic side and I am wondering if this is all part of the same thing.

I guess a fair question is if those Democrat voters are simply brainwashed by Leftist media.  Would replacing the current ownership of all media (TV, cable, web, etc.) with solidly educated thinkers (as opposed to people processed through a Leftist academic system) resolve matters?  Also, after years or decades of Leftist immersion is it really possible to rescue someone’s brain?

Entering into the last 12 months before an election this seems like a terrible way to elect a president.  If we indeed have the country split into a permanent Democrat base, a permanent Republican base and a small and mostly silent group of independent thinkers, what is it that we have?  I’d like to think the Republican folks out there are not unthinking in voting Republican, but I can assure you that an overwhelming majority of the Democrat base is convinced of the rightness of their prejudices.