Post Debate

My gut instinct is that the people are “leaving the door open” for McCain. I base that on the reports from Ohio in regards to early voting, and the stickyness of Obama’s topline numbers.

I do not think McCain did as well as he could have, but I also do not believe that Obama delivered a knockout blow. CNN’s focus group from Ohio seemed to confirm this. But it is clear that the focus group wanted more detail, which left me asking my self if they really wanted to know what was going to be in Subsection C on page 451 of the federal budget? I don’t think – again at the gut level – that this is the detail that the voters want.

I think they want detail on how they make decisions, how they will manage a crisis, and who they will surround themselves with. This should favor McCain.

They also want an agenda. Not a laundry list, nor an out of the sky proposal, but an idea of where the country is; where the country needs to go; and how, in two or three ideas, we will get there.

This is what Reagan had in spades. He thought that America could return to its greatness (“Morning in America”), and that we could make America great again with lower taxes, less government, and by sticking it to the commies.

His agenda was that simple.

McCain needs to simplify his economic plan to a simple phrase – perhaps “competance and judgement” – see Fannie and Freddie? Drilling? Taxation?

McCain needs to keep up the attacks on Fannie and Freddie. He needs to do this, not Palin – as he nees to show mastery of the economy, but they have to be part of a larger discussion on competance and judgement.

Now on character, Palin needs to keep up the attacks, as well as be the abassador to the middle class. Say the word mother – A LOT! Talk about the relationship between gas prices at nearly for dollars per gallon and milk at nearly for dollars per gallon.