McCain needs to get back to Campaign 101:

McCain needs t get back to fundamentals in teh campaign.

Identify Problem:

The Economy Sucks, largely due to an out of control Fannie and Freddie that issued mortgages to people who could nort afford to pay them back. The result is foreclosures on Main Street, as well as plunging property values. Furthermore, Fannie and Freddie spread these toxic mortgages to Wall St, and failure of the mortgages has led to a collapse of financial systems world wide.

The Middle Class is Hurting, due to the above, as well as rising prices, in particular, gas.

Record working on Problem:

Proposed legislation that would have limited and regulated Fannie and Freddie.Proposed new drilling that would provide more oil, and bring down prices, as well as longterm alternative energy solutions.

Future solotions:

See Above

Contrast with opponent:

Obama has opposed new drilling, as well as as opposed regulation of Fannie and Freddie. In fact, while Fannie and Freddie were melting down, Obama was taking record contributions from them. America deserves better than to have a Senator who turned his head in return for campaign contreibutions from Fannie and Freddie.