Obama and Maliki

On one side of withdrawals are Obama and Maliki.

On the other are Admirals Fallon and Mullen, and General Petreaus, and John McCain.

Now I understand why Maliki is on the side he is. It’s his job to promote Iraqi interests, whether they are long term regional and strategic interests, or short term internal interests (he has spent the last 3-4 months killing thousands of largely Shia fighters – eventually he would have to throw them a bone).

And I understand why the Admirals and General, have their position. They believe time lines would be bad for US strategic interests. And I know why McCain supports the Admirals and General – he believes the President should protect and promote US interests first and foremost.

What I do not understand is why Obama is promoting Iraqi interests above US interests. Which job is he running for: President, or Iraqi Prime Minister?