McCain, the new better choice

In the stages of the primary campaign, when it was clear that McCain would be the nominee, I as a true conservative came to grips with the fact that McCain, though not truly a conservative was a better choice than ANYTHING the other side had to offer. Yet, with his VP choice, he has further solidified that fact. I thought he needed to go conservative to win, but I could not have imagined that he would choose Palin. This should go down as one of the smartest political moves of all time.

Democrats(liberals) will be confused as how to handle the choice. They were torn between what would be more profound, a black candidate or a female candidate for President. Their choice was obvious with Obama’s nomination. Now a woman is running for VP. This would be a victory for them if she wasn’t a Republican. The play has been taken away from the Dems because they mistreated HilRod to the point she wouldn’t accept a VP spot.

It will be interesting how they try to attack a female VP candidate who still has more executive experience that the Dem Presidential Nominee. Break out the popcorn. This should be good.