Congressman Cantor Lacks Will.

What we are witnessing among Republican leaders like Eric Cantor is disturbing to many of us who can not understand the inability of the Republican party to stand on issues no matter what.  As we are witnessing the Progressive party push it’s will on the American people our leaders within the Republican party seem to lack the same resolve that many on the left have demonstrated over the past several decades.

  The Dems pushed on an unwilling population a health care bill that will destroy our freedoms promised under the Constitution.  They did it despite the majority who opposed it as they have done with many other issues like TARP.  They are bypassing their Constitutional limits through unlawful acts like the EPA.  Their history have shown they are notorious for this type of behavior with complete and utter disregard to the limitations placed on them by the Constitution.

  What is bothersome for many of us is the the failure of our own party to be as resilient and determined as the Progressives have demonstrated.  It seems Conressman Cantor lacks the will to do what is necessary to overturn this bill that usurps our Constitutional freedoms.  Nothing should be off the table.  Why can’t our leaders take whatever steps are needed to destroy this mandate being forced on the citizens of this great nation?

  Anything that would trample on the rights of our citizens must be fought with the same vigor and determination that the Progressives have demonstrated.  Why remove any of your arrows from your quiver?  This demonstrates the weakness of the Republican party that so enflames many of us who have grown tired of politics as usual.

  Our leaders have taken an oath to protect the Constitution yet they do not show the same determination and drive that so many of our brave men and women do on the field of battle who have taken a similar oath.  It is time to put in office only those who will demonstrate nothing less then the same allegiance as our men and women in our Armed Forces.  Let’s rethink how we vote!