The Law of the land.

Remember the good ol’ days when our government was made up of public servents, who knew they worked for us and had to earn our trust and our vote?  The days when the presidency was an office of honor, and humility in service to one’s country?  No,… neither do I.  It’s been way too long since those days.  How about the days when We the People were in control, and voiced our concerns to representatives who actually listened and cared?
Today we have become a country with a government that is all about power, and how to hold onto it.  Party rules, and the people be damned.  Loyalty to red or blue has replaced loyalty to the Red White and Blue.  Special favors and backroom dealings have replaced open and honest discussions and transparency.  The Constitution, the document that defined who we are as a people, has been pushed aside or re-interpreted to the point on rendering it an ineffective piece of paper.  The founders of this nation, who gave their all, to the point of horrific deaths in some cases, would faint dead away at the sight of what we have become today, just 200+ years since they fought and sacrificed so much to give us our liberty.  Liberty that we have given over to corrupt and selfish men and women on power and ego trips.
This didn’t happen overnight.  It took several generations, and I know who is to blame.  We the People are to blame.  We let it happen.  We got complacent.  We got trusting of our leaders.  We have come to rely on government to be the saviour of our every problem, when in fact government in undeniably a large part of the problem.  One of the things that created this country and led our founders to write documents such as the Declaration, Constitution and other works such as the Federalist Papers, was a deep seated mistrust of government as a whole.  They had seen first hand what happens when government gets too much power.  They were determined not to let that happen here.  In those early years, there was righteous indignation and public outcry if any government official overstepped the bounds placed on them by the law of the land.  But somewhere along the line, those officials learned that by manipulating the law of the land, through the judicial system “interpreting” the Constitution, they could do pretty much whatever they wanted.  And somewhere along that same line, We the People lost our righteous indignation, and replaced it with frustrated complacency.  Feelings of “What can we do about it?”
Well, it’s come to this.  We either do something about it, or we take it.  Period.
We have the power of the vote, and our voices.  It is time that we all, red or blue, liberal or conservative or moderate, Democrat, Republican or whatever, remind these folks in Washington that they were hired BY US to do a job.  A temporary job.  And if they don’t start doing the job that we, their bosses, want them to do… they will be fired.  We need to demand things like term limits in the House and Senate.  Demand until our voices are heard.  Call, write letters, march in the streets, wite blogs, whatever we have to do.  It is time for some good old fashioned righteous indignation at the mess these people are making of our country.  We simply cannot allow our so called leaders to become our rulers.  We do have a recourse.  This is our country.  The government was established to keep us safe from the world outside while We the People decided the course of our own future.  It’s time for We the People to take it back.
Please understand that I do not advocate the use of any violent measures to achieve this goal.  We will hopefully never reach that point like our forefathers did.  They established enough legal and peaceful methods for us to keep government in check, we simply need to employ those means instead of throwing up our hands in frustration.
Let’s pull our Constitution out of mothballs, dust it off, remove all the red ink and markups, and return it to the place of honor it used to hold… that of the law of the land.
This was also posted on Townhall.com by me this morning.