Foreign Policy Implications of Greek Financial Crisis

Most of the focus on the Greek (and likely entire EU) sovereign debt crisis has been its potential impact on the global economy. Some other focus has been on the US’s involvement in bailing out Greece. But, Marc Ambinder details the possible foreign policy implications of Turkey taking a large role in bailing out Greece. (emphasis by Marc)

A bit of (vital) esoterica. In the midst of the European financial crisis precipitated by Greece, a white knight emerged. Think Saladin not King Richard. Turkey is bailing out Greece. What Turkey will want in return is easy: full EU membership with its visa-free travel. They will probably get it.

Implications? The EU borders will touch Iran, Iraq & Syria. Make it into Turkey and you’ve made it to London. Millions of Muslims traveling visa-free throughout Europe. An Islamist voice at the EU table – and Erdogan and the AKP are 100% Islamist – and loud about it.

This is evidence supporting Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff philosophy that global economic health is tied to national security. From a FastCompany cover story:

Mullen left Bloomberg’s house unsettled. “What I took away from the dinner was the sense that because of our fiscal irresponsibility, the system emulated by so many people is now being questioned,” he says. “That’s really worrisome to me.”

Oh, and he knows what you’re about to ask: How exactly is this his business? What does any of this have to do with his job or with the military’s? “Our financial health is directly related to our national security,” Mullen says. “The biggest driver globally right now is the economy — and I’d argue it always has been. I’m not an economist and I’m not a finance guy, but I need to understand the global trends that work those engines. Where are these guys putting their money? If they’re betting on certain outcomes — whether good or bad — why?”

What does this development mean for European foreign policy and that of the United States? It will certainly be easier for Islamist Extremists to enter and operate in the Euro zone. Will it make it easier for them to gain entry to the United States? Possibly. Let’s hope the Obama Administration will soon get serious about national security rather than sticking their collective heads in the sand and hoping for the best.