Why I am Here at the RS-REDSTATE Blog

Today’s 2008 Election is in my lifetime the most critical I’ve seen and been a part of, as I’ve voted in every election since I turned 21 in 1966! Our nation is at a crucial crossroads, depending upon what the American people decide by election day, November 4, 2008. This will be concerning both, who will be our next U.S. President, and who will continue to serve in our Congress (Senate and House of Representatives).

What you need to know about me is that I am effectively a nobody in American politics–a citizen who has watched since I was in high school, my own children’s generation being denied the kind of education in public school that I received: in U.S. and World History, and in Government and Civics. Their generation was fed a watered-down, less than comprehensive overview of these vital topics important for all Americans to understand (that began politically across America, for the purpose of dumbing down America, and it’s worked). My children’s generation are most expected to vote today under the enthralling emotions of the times, for Barack Obama.

However, in contrast, my secondary education was in small town America, in a little historic Gold Rush Town in California, with a population of 1500 people. My high school class graduated with 75 students in a high school of 350 enrolled. But we got an excellent secondary education. Because of the encouragement of our high school counselor, I went to college and earned a simple, but effective B.A. Degree at a public college.

As it turns out, people like me across America can very easily recognize what is facing America and the world, depending on the outcome of Election 2008. People need truthful, honest facts, and they will take it from there. This is why I have registered with the blog at RS-REDSTATE.

I will be posting articles and commentary on topics crucial for Americans at this time. They will be designed for the specific purpose of copy/paste–and redistribute by email to others needing more information at this late date leading up to November 4, 2008, at the private discretion of readers. Even those who have already voted, should be able to know more, as well. No matter who one decides to vote for, the future will involve either McCain Change, or what will be a serious Obama Mania from inside our highest office of government.

So beginning tomorrow, October 14, 2008, as one citizen trying to keep up with events, I will share some things here that you may already have read about, but many have not, yet, known.