J Street Sonderkommandos

Back in the days of the nazi death camps, the SS created special groups of prisoners called Sonderkommandos. Their job was to lead the Jews who were to be exterminated to shower rooms which were in reality gas chambers. After the prisoners were gassed , they would remove the bodies and incinerate them.

A lobbying group known as J street , supposedly pro-Israel and pro-peace is spending a huge amount of money supporting with propaganda the Obama administration´s horrific deal with the Iranian islamo-nazis. This deal would mean the end of Israel and a second holocaust.

What the J street Sonderkommandos have forgotten is that the original Sonderkommandos in Auschwitz and other death camps were gassed themselves after a few months ¨work¨. In other words the first Iranian nuke would be for Israel, but the second one would hit America.

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