The Rain in Spain has given the left a pain

A downpour of votes has turned over the reigns of power in Spain to the Center-Right Partido Popular. After more than 7 years of Obama-like progressive programs the leftist Socialist Workers Party has been given the boot! Mariano Rajoy, on his third try obtained the absolute majority with 186 seats in the parliament to go with an ample majority on the senate.The socialists dropped to 110 seats, but all was not good news. The radical communist party(IU) went from 2 to 11 seats which is a new high for them.With 20.5% unemployment up from 8% in 2007 and the debt almost tripled in 4 years, Señor Rajoy has his work cut out for him.One thing for sure,for the United States it will be a pleasure to have the pro-US Rajoy replace the anti-american José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Let us all wish  the good Dr. Rajoy Godspeed in his endeavor to save Spain from the socialist thrombosis his country suffers from.