Sixty is the game changer!

Maybe this should have the title : “RUN RUDY RUN”.

In November 2010 the election for the last two years of Hillary Clinton´s senate term was won by the appointee,Kristen Gillibrand, a typical liberal political hack. She bested the underfunded Joe Dioguardi by more than 27 points. At first glance the Republican party should not waste their money to go after the seat in 2012, but after further review, as they say in the NFL, this judgment could be overturned. Gillibrand won while there was a totally flawed Republican candidate for governor running against the popular Andrew Cuomo. Also Chucky Schumer was running for reelection to the other senate seat against an unknown. In 2012 if Rudy goes for the seat, he will be running while Obumbler´s favorability rating may well be in the 30´s: even in New York. In order to reach the magic number of 60 GOP senators , the Republican party has to pick off Gillibrand,Stabenow and Casey or they have no chance. The answer in New York obviously is Rudy Giuliani. He would flip the seat.  If it becomes number 60  , Harry Reid´s wrecking crew  would be non existant.