Who lost Perú ? Obama & Clinton Inc. !

At this moment with 92% of the votes counted, there is a margin of 2.5% for Hugo Chávez clone Ollanta Humala over center-right candidate Keiko Fujimori for the Peruvian presidency.

Three factors contributed heavily to this result: 1.The intervention of nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa into the picture by endorsing and working  for Humala. Everything that Humala stands for is against the stated political principles of Vargas Llosa who has always opposed the policies of Hugo Chávez. In this case,for his hatred of the Fujimori family and to avenge his loss to Keiko´s father in the 1990 elections, this stiff-necked popinjay has resulted more like a nobel prize winner in political illiteracy than one in literature.Even a personal phone call from Obama would probably have not convinced Vargas Llosa to stay out of the fray.Factor 2: After declaring a pox on both their houses, defeated presidencial candidate and former president Alejandro Toledo jumped into the race in favor of Humala at a very strategic moment. In this instance an Obama or Clinton phone call would have convinced him to stay out of it. The damage by Vargas Llosa´s white washing of Humala was great, but Toledo´s ,which could have been avoided by pressure coming from his friend,Hilary was definitive. Toledo had a political party intact(Perú Posible) from the first round of voting with an organization which delivered him more than 15% of the vote and the third largest congressional delegation.All of this went to work for Humala.3rd: The tremendous flow of money ,introduced into the coffers of Humala by Hugo Chávez enabled him to outspend Keiko by at least 4 to 1. This was known to the CIA and  neither was denounced ,nor competing funds distributed to the pro-USA Keiko Fujimori.Three days before the election it took Roger Noriega,ex assistant secretary of state in the Bush administration , and long out of govertnment to publish the news that at least 12 million dollars were channeled through the Venezuelan Naval attache´s office in Bolivia to the naval attache´s office in Perú in the closing weeks of the campaign. A considerable amount of this money was used in vote buying in rural areas of southern Perú. During the  years between elections, Chávez built up a treasure chest of petro-dollars in Perú to enable Humala to structure a formidable political party organization. He paid for key Brazilian operatives from Lula´s Brazilian labor party to organize Humala´s campaign.This was known in the state department and the CIA. No action was taken to help our friends.

So now the keystone, Perú is gone leaving Chile and Columbia without a key ally in their democratic front against Hugo Chávez. When Humala takes office on the 28th of July to the applause of  Chávez,Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and the Castro brothers , he should issue a special thank you to the firm of Obama & Clinton Inc. for standing idly bye while Perú was lost.