The last polls are in and show a lead within the margin of error for Keiko Sofía Fujimori over the Hugo Chávez clone, Ollanta Humala , who has benefited by the clandestine flow of millions of petrodollars from his mentor, the Venezuelan tyrant.                                                   

Yesterday the last debate was held which featured Humala trying to pin the corruption and excesses of the disgraced ex president, Alberto Fujimori on his daughter who defended herself very well. She parried every blow and landed many of her own, catching Humala in out and out lies more than once.

In Perú voting is obligatory and although absentee ballots do not exist ,Peruvians who live in other countries register and vote in polling places around the globe. In the United States there will be voting in Miami,Fort Lauderdale,New York, Paterson NJ,Washington, Chicago, Houston,Los Angeles and San Francisco. Other cities with large Peruvian populations outside of the USA are Santiago,Chile,Buenos Aires,Argentina, Caracas,Venezuela, Madrid and Barcelona,Spain,Tokyo,Japan and Sydney Australia. As the polls do not take in account the overseas vote which is expected to go to Keiko Fujimori by a very large margin, it could well be the difference in the election.

The danger posed by a victory of the Chavista candidate,Humala is that the fragile unity for development of the Pacific Alliance of Perú ,Chile and Columbia will be broken. It is only a few days since the stock markets of these three pro US countries were merged. Mexico is also interested in becoming an associate of this group , but Perú is the keystone with it´s burgeoning mining industry. The Pacific Alliance is what Hugo Chávez fears the most. As president, Keiko Fujimori would have 5 years to cement economic progress with her democratic neighbors , but also would do whatever it takes to integrate Peru´s foreign policy with her pro-US neighbors against the axis of Caracas-La Paz- Quito headed by the Venezuelan dictator.

In this entire electoral process featuring an illegal intervention in the internal affairs of Perú by Venezuela , we have not heard a peep by the anointed one or his secretary of state. On the Republican side at least ,Rudy Giuliani, to his eternal credit came to Perú as an advisor to Keiko Fujimori against crime. He accompanied her to the northern city of Trujillo, one of the trouble spots in Perú under siege by criminal gangs and narcos. Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinin has called attention to the danger of losing this important ally.It seems to have fallen upon deaf ears of  Obama, who appears more interested in undercutting another ally, Israel and giving away billions of dollars to Egypt which may fall into the coffers of the Muslim  Brotherhood.

If Keiko loses the election, there will be plenty of blame to pass around outside of our useless state department. A former Peruvian president, Alejandro Toledo and Nobel Prize winner, Mario Vargas Llosa both are relishing their role as useful idiots by endorsing the candidate Ollanta Humala.They have placed upon the head of the daughter,Keiko Fujimori ,the sins of her father, even though the ideology and past history of Humala is the antithesis of what they have always stood for.

I will be here in Lima on the 5th of June to escort my wife to vote and later hope for the best.