Lima, April 11 : Yesterday Perú went to the polls. As expected ,Ollanta Humala, supported by suitcases of petro-dollars ,courtesy of the Venezuelan tyrant,Hugo Chávez, received the most votes. At this moment it appears that after all of the votes are counted that he will have about 31.2 % which is .3% more than he obtained 5 years ago when he was defeated by Alan García in the runoff by 5.25%. This time his opponent will be Keiko Fujimori who will be somewhere in the area of 23.3 %. In third place and eliminated was conservative favorite Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. The final decision will come in the second round on June 5th. Keiko  will most assuredly receive the backing of Kuczynski (19% approx.) and fifth place Lucho Castañeda (10% APPROX.).  The question mark is that of the followers of the embittered ex president Alejandro Toledo(15.4 % apr.) who may split between the two candidates. The APRA(Social Democrats) in power who had no presidential candidate and obtained only 4 congressional seats will probably back the center-right Fujimori. By virtue of his lagresse , Hugo Chávez has placed for the second time the entire nation of Perú in play. It´s up to the Peruvian people to reject the candidacy of the Chávez puppet, Ollanta Humala and send the message that Perú is not for sale!