Brazil: The Other Election

It appears that on the 31st of October Brazil is poised to elect Dilma Rousseff, an ex-marxist guerilla and handpicked candidate of President Lula Da Silva. It will be hard for Rousseff to lose as she garnered 46.8% of the votes in the first round of voting.José Serra,the pro US moderate who came in second obtained 32.6% of the vote. Green party candidate Marina Silva, an ex-communist as well as an ex cabinet minister of the ruling labor party came in third with more than 19,000,000 votes and will decide who wins the presidency. So far she has endorsed no one.A footnote to this is that Tiririca ,Brazil´s most famous clown was elected to congress with more than a million votes although he must pass a literacy test as his opponent claims that Tiririca can is functionally illiterate. Someone like that would not be a stranger to the US house of representatives as there are many clowns among the democrats who act as if they can´t read nor write or in the best case scenario will only know what´s in a bill after they pass it!