Reid,Pelosi & Obama stab our farmers in the back

The Canadian Senate has just approved it´s Free Trade Treaty with Columbia which is now in the hands of Columbia´s constitutional court for final approval. This treaty means that 98% of Canadian goods will enter into Columbia duty free,but how does this affect our farm exports? Canadian wheat,barley,rye and corn will be exported to Columbia with 0 % customs duty while our exports will pay 15%. The Free Trade Treaty between the USA & Columbia,our nearest and dearest ally in Latin America, languishes in the halls of congress blocked by the democrat leadership with the approval of Obama.Once Canada´s treaty takes affect our farmers can kiss their exports to Columbia goodbye, not to mention every other American product.This is just another example of the brainlessness of Obama,Pelosi,Reid & company.Compare this to how the Canadian Conservative government works to get exports for their country. Oops, I guess there is no comparison !