Dr. Juán Manuel Santos won the second round of the Columbian presidential elections with the highest total in the history of his country: more than 9,000,000 votes! His margin of victory over the Green Party´s Antanas Mockus was more than 41%, also a record.Backed by the Conservatrive party,the Radical Change Party and a majority even of Liberal Party members ,5 weeks since the pollsters called the race “A Toss-Up”,Santos proved  the pundits wrong. In his victory speech Santos heaped praise upon the armed forces and sent a message to the narco-terrorists of the FARC that their time was up.He complemented his opponent,who to his credit had refused a political alliance with the leftist Polo Democrático party and invited all of the other political groups to join in a government of national unity.What is sure is that the Columbian people have sent a message loud and clear to Hugo Chávez that the scrappy ex-defense minister who will be sworn in on August 7 is his worse nightmare and a loyal succesor to President Álvaro Uribe. We can be sure that Santos will continue to pursue a free trade treaty with the United States which has been blocked by the democrats in congress for years as part of their policy of hurting our best friends and kissing up to our enemies.